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Oct 09, 2017

Sept 01
ESM Education Awrds

July 02
Karen Fox Award

une 23
Happy Birthday
Director of

June 01
Project 150

June 03
Fundraiser Dance
St. Andrews Hall

October 28
Will Rake Your Leaves

September 17
Fundraiser Dance
St. Andrews Hall

Happy Birthday
& Tribute
March 03

Happy Birthday
Dec 18, 2015

May 31, 2015

Happy Easter!

May all our supporters know many BLESSINGS
IN 2015!

Welcome 2014!

Nov. 7
Gordon Crewe
Nov. 6
Hermitage Recycles
Nov. 2
Sir Reg

Oct. 8
Patsy Brooking

SEPT. 13
Major Fundraiser
At St. Andrews NS
Hope to see you there!

July 23
July 25




Nov 25
Kudos to the
Doyle Family
ov 07
...first week

Raking Leaves
Oct 14

Oct 07
Oct 05
A Good Day Made Better!!
St. Andrew's, NS

Sept 25
Sandyville, Hermitage, Seal Cove, Hr. Breton
Sept 20
Lewis & Sandra
Rev. Faye
Perry & Charlyne


Aug 04
Woolavers, Cyrs, Herritts, Deckers, Stilwells, Bannermans, Kennys


July 27
Alicia & Tyler
July 25
Recycle = Refunds = Funds for ECC...ESM
July 24
Denise, Pat, Gail

July 18
The Blessing of Nelson
July 17
Recycle Luv In
July 01

Greetings Canada

June 30
Power of Kindness!
June 22
Kudos to
The Maynard and
Stapleton Families

June 01
Lady Alyssa!

May 18
Inspiring 10 yr old!
May 14
Awesome JAs

May 12
Happy Mother's Day
May 05
WFM - Rev. Faye

May 04
Guy & Maisie
May 02
Lady Marjorie

Apr. 28
Reid Family
Apr. 21
Slade Family
Apr. 20
ACW Support

Apr. 13
White Family

Apr. 11
Alicia & Donald!!
Apr. 02
Sir Howard
We'll remember you

Apr. 01
Exciting announcements for April

Mar. 31
The Gift of Mercy

Mar. 04
A Tyler Bold Move

Mar. 03
Rev. Joan

Feb. 21
Sir Bill, we shall truly miss you
Feb. 17
More JAs
Feb. 14
Meet Deborah
Feb. 05

JAs at St. Francis!!


Jan. 31
Joy! Joy!

Jan. 25-31
Hopeful Meetings!
Jan. 20
Tax receipts
Jan. 15
Gracious Supporters
Jan. 03
Come, Journey with us
Jan. 02
Phyllis Engram



Nov. 02

October 22
October 20
October 18
October 15
October 11
October 07

Oct. 01

Dance Sept 15
Sept. 10


Aug 20
Aug 16
Aug 04

July 27
No Resume Required

July 25
Hearts Speak!!

July 21
Amazing Alyssa

July 10
A Salute to Lady Emily

July 08 Happy Birthday Robert

July 01
Happy Canada Day

June 23: Happy Birthday Jeannie

June 20: Remembering
Charlie McGee

June 20: Update - Annie's Roses

June 19: Rotary Club of Sackville, NS

June 17: Happy Father's Day

June 17: The Power of Youth at St. Francis

June 10: 91 Roses

June 01: Lady Annie

Sept 1920-June 01, 2012

May 03
Ernest & Bonnie

May 13
Happy Mother's Day

May 19
Happy Birthday Monique

.Tyler - BlueNose Marathon
.The Taylor Family


St. Francis Dinner Theatre

Ken & Rose Smith offers smiles to ECC




What's New?







June Donors

June 30, 2011
Students honouring their teachers with a donation made in their name to ECC...ESM

June 23, 2011
AGM Time at ECC

June 22, 2011
Crichton Park School

May 24, 2011
A big, big welcome to the Kathy, Anne and Heidi trio as our newest members.

May 23, 2011
Happy, Happy Birthday to Ethan Abriel. Everyone here at ECC...ESM sends out bundles of warm Birthday greetings as you celebrate your 9th birthday. Wowsers!!!

May 08,2011
Lady Sue Hennebury - What a fascinating story how this Lady chose to be a supporter of ECC...ESM. Just gotta read it. To be published here SOON!!!!!

May Donors

April Donors

April 12, 2011
A big welcome to 9 students at Cornwallis as our newest members of ECC...ESM. Congrats!

April 07, 2011
Gerry Rhyno of HATS-Haiti becomes a member of ECC...ESM.
This is totally Good News Gerry. Thank you.

April 06, 2011

The Legacy of Kaye White...100 years YOUNG today and is now our newest member of ECC...ESM. Congrats! Lady Kaye

March Donors

March 05, 2011
A heart that gives to a child in need is surely a heart that smiles in a sacred way. Please meet Tom LeBlanc.

February 10, 2011
Lady Shirley Gale...because of your most generous support more children will 'taste' an educational opportunity. Bravo!!!

February 04, 2011
Many thanks to Madonna and Gordon Cooze for donating a bag of pennies, nickles and dimes to ECC.

February 02, 2011
What a beautiful surprise today from Mothers' Union at St. Francis by The Lakes Church

December, 2010
Some pretty amazing Christmas gifts!!!

November 28, 2010
No ordinary day for ECC...ESM. Why? ASK the Bezansons.

November 17, 2010
A big welcome to John & Diane Bennett as supporters of ECC...ESM. Yea!!!

October 25, 2010
Lady Christine Bragg becomes a sponsoring member of ECC...ESM. Congrats Lady C.

October 18, 2010
Enroute to Haiti to sponsor 21 students so they might attend school this year. I'm delighted. Yes!!

Sept 03, 2010
Ready to start again after a summer break. Chances are you may be hearing from us!

June 29, 2010
Way to go Leslie Thomas. I attended Awards Presentations and it was terrific!!!!

June 28, 2010
Hats off to all the Graduates at Dartmouth High School. Fantastic!!!!

June 25,
Congrats to all the Graduating Grade Nine Students at Ellenvale School. Enjoyed the ceremony.

June 23, 2010
Today Mrs. Abriel's Grade 5/6 Class at Crichton Park School makes a most generous donation to ECC...ESM. A big, big salute to Students and teacher. Wowsers!!!

June 22, 2010
The Abriel Family (Bruce, Stephanie, Ethan and Calen) all become supporting members of ECC...ESM and makes a gracious donation as well. Kudos to the Abriel Family!!! Yes!!!

June 21, 2010
Lady Rudie Rose of Boston makes another donation to ECC...ESM. Thank You, Thank You, Lady Rudie!

June 20, 2010
Remembering a Dad on Father's Day. The Bannermans make a donation to ECC...ESM in memory of Sinclair's Dad. Inspiring!!!!

June 19, 2010
A delightful welcome to the ECC.ESM's newest members - Reg & Jane Herritt. Yes!!!

June 18, 2010
A big Thank you to our newest contributor to ECC...ESM - Emily MacTavish.

June 17, 2010
Lady Faye makes another RD to ECC...ESM. Many, many thanks.

June 13, 2010

Lisa and Lina donate refundable recycles to ECC...ESM. Beautiful students with beautiful hearts making a 'beautiful' difference.

June 08, 2010
Ellenvale Junior High, Dartmouth, NS. Students helping students. Hear about their fundraising. Fantastic!!!!

June 04, 2010
St. Francis Friday Morning Bible Study Group donates to ECC...ESM. Truly The Word in Action!!!!

June 03, 2010
Guy & Maisie makes
another donation to ECC...ESM. Thank You! Thank You!

May 30, 2010
Thank you Lin Slade for donating recyclables to ECC...ESM. Yes!!!

May 18, 2010
ECC...ESM wishes Lady Samantha of 8-5 at LT a very Happy Birthday. Yea!!!!!

May 17, 2010
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S to Mrs. Abriel's 5/6 Class, Crichton Park, Dartmouth, NS!!!!

May 07, 2010
Yea! Yea! Yea! Lady Joan Helpard becomes a sponsoring member of ECC...ESM. Bravo!!

May 06, 2010
Educator Sara Henneberry of HRSB is now a member of ECC...ESM. Check out how...

May 05, 2010
Guy & Maisie Herritt became members last month and are making another monetary donation to ECC...ESM this month. Wow!

May 05, 2010
Hello Staff and Students at Cornwallis Junior High. A reminder of a very special day for our Cornwallis community. Ms. Henneberry...May 6. Congrats!!!!!

May 01, 2010
ECC...ESM wishes to introduce you to Lady Karen Wheeler

April 27, 2010
A salute to a most inspiring Family - the Abriels of Dartmouth, NS - Stephanie, Bruce, Ethan & Calen. ECC...ESM wishes you to meet them

April 23, 2010
Truly a milestone for

April 22, 2010
We excitedly welcome Lady Janice Silver as
a member and sponsor of ECC...ESM. Yipper!

April 22, 2010
Happy Earth Day Everyone. And Happy Birthday to Alex Sala

April 14, 2010
We gladly welcome Sir Tim as our most recent member to ECC...ESM.

April 11, 2010
A big, big welcome to Lewis Woolaver as our most recent supporter of ECC...ESM. Yes!!

April 07, 2010
Another landmark day for ECC...ESM. We most warmly welcome Guy Herritt
Maisie Herritt as our newest members. Yea!!!

April 06, 2010
Hats off to the newest members of ECC...ESM:
Rev. Dr. Davena Davis
Jean MacDonald
Karen Parker
Marion Cronin
Marjorie Austin

March 31, 2010
Welcome aboard ECC...ESM Lady Di, Councillor Antigonish, NS.

March 29, 2010
Congratulations to Don Decker, Sackville, NS, and Archie Kenny, Halifax, NS on becoming supporting members of ECC...ESM.

March 23/10
Warmest of welcomes to LADY RUDIE ROSE for becoming a sponsoring member of ECC...ESM. Yes!

March 21/10
- Faye Wheatley, our newest ECC...ESM Member
- Meet The Passey Family of Heartbeat Ministries

March 10/10
A big HELLO to Ellenvale

March 09/10
A big welcome to our Newest Members:
- Tyler Herritt
- Joshua Herritt
Annie Gaulton

Feb. 17/10
Thank you Lady Beth Kenny for joining ESC...ESM

Thank you Donavan, Brianna,Tina & Jon Cyr

Thank you Don & Beth Decker

Feb. 05/10
Hello Ben and ALL Students in 904.
It's a YES Day!!!

Jan. 30/10
A Salute to John & Bev Chappelle

Jan. 19/10
HELLO, Bruce, Jason, Kara, Brendon :)

Jan. 15/10


Dec. 30/09

Nov. 15/09

Sept. 14/09
Project 2 Success

July 20/09
Project 1 Success

June 23/09
New site launched




EVERY CHILD COUNTS on someone to help them in their early growing years.
EVERY STUDENT MATTERS to caring parents and and hopefully caring teachers
EVERY STUDENT MATTERS to all of us who choose to care.
At this CHILD/STUDENT HELP NETWORK we are committed to helping children/students in need. This is OUR 2020 COMMITMENT!!!!!

2020:We are starting this year helping 100 plus young people in need. We help with educational opportunities!!!
This is a very noteable year for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters,as we are determined to celebrate TEN straight and full years of continuous assistance to a number of young people in need. During these ten years we have supported hundreds and hundreds of young people with an opportunity to go to school each day and receive a meal every day they go. To us at this ChildHelpNetwork our hearts smile every time we help a child in need and we hope every one of our supporters celebrate with that joy in their hearts as well. And 'to allow a lit candle to shine a little brighter' we have the blessing of being able to help more students in 2019 than we did in 2018. That blessing has come about because of the beautiful Kindness of our supporters. In fact, this is an organization that Kindness has built. This is indeed so because for ten years (now in 2019), every single dollar fundraised has been spent directly on a child in need. This organization has not used one single penny of fundraising for any administration expenses, not one. The Directors collectively have absorbed personally any operating expenses. We are committed to that same promise to all our supporters in 2019. We know of no other Charitable organization in Canada that has operated on this principle. We are determined to challenge others to follow our example. It can be done. We are doing it. Again we thank all our supporters and look forward to another successful year in 2019. We wish everyone a Wonderful Year, where peace, love and a safe living space will grace your living this year.


Just Sharing Our October 2018 NewsLetter

    Dear Friends and Supporters of                                         EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters

Thanksgiving is a particularly festive reminder of how thankful we are at EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters to all the supporters of this ChildHelpNetwork.
       First, let us express our sincere hope that you had a rather enjoyable Thanksgiving Weekend. At ECC…ESM we never take for granted our many Blessings and we hope we always say Thank you for your Kindness to support the efforts of this organization where 100% of all funds raised go directly to those in need.
        There are several reasons why we are again this year so thankful. 2018 means we have completed 9 full years of helping others and have already begun our tenth year. Beginning September this year we re-committed to send 25 young people back to school in Haiti. Karen Huxter, the person who founded this school is originally from Atlantic Canada and just how much she is sharing her life to help others is extraordinary and inspiring. We send $420 for each secondary student and $300 for each elementary student we help attend school there. In addition to an opportunity to attend school which is a priority of our mission statement, we provide school clothes, other school supplies and a cooked meal at school each day.
        We are doing the same in Madagascar, Africa, providing a similar educational opportunity for 25 children there for the school year 2018-2019. The lady who started this school and is still instrumental in its operation is Kathy Lucking from Nova Scotia.
        In addition we are very pleased to help several young people in considerable need right here in Nova Scotia to access greater educational opportunity. We are very determined to help locally as well as internationally.
        As well as the 55 students we help directly, deal with on an individual basis, we are fortunate to find social leaders willing to partner with us to achieve a goal we otherwise would not be able to undertake. For instance…

IMG_2201 2.jpgIn March of this year a new classroom was built as an extension to the school we support in Madagascar. Karen Fox, formerly of Atlantic Canada, now teaching in High River, Alberta, partnered with EveryChildCounts…
EveryStudentMatters to provide most of the finances to do this. It was our delight to dedicate this classroom to this outstanding educator, and we are so grateful for all the fundraising by Karen and all who supported her.

IMG_2504 (2).jpg

Karen 1 (2).jpg

Here is Karen celebrating a successful mountain climb. YEA!!!!

If you have supported us in the past with a donation, we say Thank you for your kindness.
If you have offered us assistance this year we most sincerely say, thank you tremendously.
If you should consider helping us at another time, we assure you we will not let any such kindness go unacknowledged.
We are committed to helping children with an opportunity to go to school, and we thank you for helping make this possible.  

2018: Welcome everyone to a New Year of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. We thank you for all your support in 2017 and we look forward to any assistance you can offer in 2018. We pledge again to run this Child/StudentHelpNetwork on the principles of being Accountabile, Responsible and Transparent. As well, just as we have since we started, made sure every single dollar fundraised has gone directly to help a child/student in need, we shall do likewise in 2018. Not one single dollar of fundraised resources has been spent on any administrative costs. That is again our commitment to you for 2018. We are determined to work diligently toward another achieving year at ECC...ESM. Blessings Everyone!

**And now we welcome 2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018...2018

October 2017: This Thanksgiving we feel THANKFUL & BLESSED for all the Beautiful Kind Hearts who support this Child/Student Help Organization and that enables us to share with those in need. More than 60 children/students will receive the joy of your generous giving and for that we can't say thank you enough. Blessings on your Thanksgiving!!!!!!

2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR
** For every name below an Education Award has been set up in their name and a student is enabled to attend school for a full year. Congrats to ALL!!!!

01. Gordon Crewe Education Award
02. Ken Bobbett Education Award
03. Frank Meade Education Award
04. Reg Herritt Education Award
05. Max & Rita Education Award
06. Jeff & Myra Education award
07. Guy & Maisie Education Award
08. Jean MacDonald Education Award
09. Rev. Joan Helpard Education Award
10. Rev. Faye Forbes Education Award
11. St. Francis JAs Education Award
12. Rose & John Education Award
13. Hausman & Rose Education Award
14. Karlene & Vaughan Education Award
15. Derek & Phyllis Education Award
16. Gabrielle Close Education Award
17. Annie Gaulton Education Award
18. Rudie Rose Education Award
19. Dr. Roger Flinn Education Award
20. Bannerman Family Education Award
21. Knox United Education Award
22. Lin & James Education award
23. Don & Beth Education Award
24. Archie & Beth Education Award
25. Joe & Jane Education Award
26. Shirley Gale Education Award
27. Tom LeBlanc Education Award
28. Kailey Webber



JULY 02, 2017:
EVERYCHILDCOUNTS...EVERYSTUDENTMATTERS, this StudentHelpNetwork offers those of us associated with it some 'kind of to the moon and back' moments. Below is a picture of Lady Karen Fox receiving a special Canada 150 Award in Okotoks/Calgary area of Alberta. She has just received this award, and in addition to being an outstanding teacher and all she does in the classroom and her school, she is noted for her other contributions to her community in general. Karen is formerly from Nova Scotia. We so congratulate her on receiving this terrific award. Guess what, now get ready for this, I mean really get ready. While she was doing all that she took the time to partner with EVERYCHILDCOUNTS... EVERYSTUDENTMATTERS and is now within $800 of fundraising $10, 000 to build a school in Madagascar, Africa. We feel certain we will reach our goal by September this year - in just a few months time. We truly thank Karen for her outstanding leadership to help this happen. Of course there is something more..... Do you know what a rich, I say beyond rich, experience it is is for me, Rollie, as one of the Directors to share in this, to be offered the opportunity to experience first hand and how over the top it is to witness such largesse of a beautiful humanitarian spirit. Well, if anyone wishes to meet unbelievable people as I do where KINDNESS MATTERS then you should consider volunteering with ECC...ESM compliments of Karen Fox!!!!! Will keep you posted as construction begins and progress beckons a smiling face. We are: www.every
902 229 3111 rollie@everychildcounts.ca and FB

JUNE 23, 2017:
This Canada Day has been extra significant for a number of special reasons. In 2012 our little StudentHelpNetwork, EVERYSTUDENTMATTERS, began supporting a young student to go to school in Kenya and continued to do so until her recent graduation. Today, on Canada Day I know the joy of being at The Stanfield International Airport, Halifax, NS, and welcome Deborah Makokha to attend Dalhousie University. This is every good reason for this StudentHelpNetwork to continue what it does. Thank you, Thank you everyone who support us. Welcome to Canada Lady Deborah and please enjoy this Wonderful Country. A total special joy for us

JUNE 23, 2017: Today we with GREAT JOY wish a very Happy Birthday to one of ECC...ESM's original Directors, Ms Jeannie . We wish you an AWESOME DAY and we so sincerely thank you for all your commitment to this CHILD/STUDENT HELP NETWORK. There are many reasons we have continued to offer assistance to students in need for these many years and you are truly one of these beautiful reasons. We thank you for all these years as a Director and look forward to many, many more. Blessings on your Day!!!!!!


JUNE 01, 2017:
This year as we celebrate 150 years of Canadian Confederation, we at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters are challenging ourselves to reach out to 150 more Canadians for their support and in turn reach out to help more children/students in need. If in any way you can help us with our 150 plus Project we kindly ask you to be in touch. No amount is too small. Every single dollar goes directly to help a child/student and we guarantee that commitment. That's how we have been operating from the beginning nearly ten years ago and we are so pleased to say that is still the case today. Please be in touch...NS 902 2293111, NL 709 883 7687, AB 403 606 5833 and someone will gladly welcome you. Rollie is always available at 902 229 3111 and rollie@everychildcounts.ca Hoping, Hoping to hear from you!!!!!!!!!



We are determined to help children in need.
Please come and support us with this
It is all for CHILDREN!!!


  C is for Cyril, R is for Rollie and J is for John
  All you have to do is come with your Dancin’ Shoes on!
  June 3, 2017
at St. Andrew’s Community Hall!!!!

      Well, it’s 2017
Image result for dancing      And you know what that means
      We`re up for a whole lot of fun
And one thing is for sure
      When you come through the door
              You know we will welcome Everyone

Image result for June 3 
Yes it’s 2017
  And you know what that means
  And if in case you yet haven`t heard
  Please call a friend or two  Ask them to come with you
  Join Newfie Fever at St. Andrews June 3rd

Image result for door prize    
Yeah! It's 2017                                                                                
     And again this year it seems
     Door prizes in the dozens that`s for sure
     It`s so easy to win   Save your ticket coming in
     And E-N-J-O-Y all the dancing on the floor!
               More info on www.everychildcounts.ca and Face Book



FEBRUARY 27, 2017: We extend a super big to everyone who has helped us to get off to a wonderful start in 2017 as we continue to help students in need. This is all because of BIG HEARTS of many!!! We shall share a NEWSLETTER soon to update our activities so far in 2017. Blessings Everyone!!!!!




Oct. 28 onward

As a member of the A Child Help Organization, Every Child Counts…Every Student Matters, I help raise funds to support its activities of helping children in need.

At present I am willing to rake leaves on your property in a way for FREE, if you are willing to freely make a donation to this very worthy charitable organization. For every $10 you donate to Every Child Counts…Every Student Matters I will offer you an hour (and maybe a little more) of leaf raking time. I am committed to helping this organization and you can feel good helping others. You can go on our website www.everychildcounts.ca to learn more about this Not For Profit Organization. You can get something done for you and help a child at the same time. We kindly ask that you consider this opportunity. Please call Rollie at 902-229-3111 or email rollie@everychildcounts.ca



October 03, 2016: Greetings to Rocky Lake Junior High, Bedford, NS and appreciation for offering Rollie Herritt an invite to your school and sharing about this Child/StudenthelpNetwork. Wonderful! Wonderful!!!

September 20: A big, big Thank you to all who came to the fundraiser dance in St. Andrews, Antigonish area, NS. We had a delightful time and very successfully raised funds for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Again, our sincere appreciation for all the support from those who attended. Thank you Kind Hearts!!!!!
, 2016
:Everyone is invited to a Fundraiser Dance at St. Andrews Community Hall. Music by Cyril, Rollie, John and special Guest Bill Grover. There will be as much FUN as you can have, lots and lots of DOOR PRIZES to win just by attending. What a night we have planned just for you. The dance starts early...8 PM. Hope to see you there!


APRIL 24, 2:30-6PM – We invite you to mark it on your calendar!!!! EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters, a Child/StudentHelpNetwork, is having a FundRaiser Dance at the Newfoundland Club, Wright Ave, (Burnside) Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Cyril, Rollie & John will be sharing the music, and we invite everyone to stop by to help this very worthy cause. There are oodles of door prizes, some silent auction items and I’m sure some guest surprises. We are up for ONE GOOD TIME. You can even put it on your resumé that you supported EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters (Cha Cha Cha).
Hope to see you there!!!

MARCH 03, 2016

One of the most beautiful occasions to celebrate is one’s birthday, and this year Lady Julie Ann Guy celebrates her birthday on March 03.  To totally surprise her, a few of her friends are donating funds in her name to support two young people in going to school for a year in Tenaquip, Madagascar. What a true outside the box kind of Birthday Gift, and what an ingenious way of offering a gift that lasts a year, maybe a lifetime, since more than one person is receiving a gift on this special occasion, Julie’s Birthday. In fact, the mountain of kindness in this special event is truly notable.
First we start with the gift of friendship by this special group who wish to salute their friend by honouring her. Two young people will receive a perhaps incomparable gift – the gift of a formal education. And This Child/Student HelpNetwork knows the gift of gracious kindness. This is a Win-Win-Win Opportunity and we salute all who so thoughtfully and generously brought this possibility forward. Congrats Friends of Julie, Happy Birthday Julie and what a joy for us to inform two students of Tenaquip School that they are supported for another entire year starting in September 2016.
Hats off to Tim, Vera, and Mark who wish to share Birthday Greetings to their friend, Julie, and so wonderfully help radiate the Power of Good in our world. Blessings Everyone!

January 2016
: We are so pleased to have helped nearly 60 students in 2015 and we have the same number we are assisting in 2016. We feel blessed that we have the support of so many to help us achieve this act of kindness. Again we are starting off this year committed to assuring, YOU the supporter, that 100% of ALL FUNDS raised go only and directly to help a child/student in need. There are no administration costs to this Child/Student Help Network. Any such costs are voluntarily taken care of by the Board of Directors. We have operated that way since we began in 2009 and we shall do so again this year. Wishing Everyone a wonderful year in 2016 and we shall offer updates on our year. Blessings Everyone.


DECEMBER 18, 2015:
Hats off to Lady Denise Macmillan Meshcheryakov who celebrated her birthday in grand style, thanks to friend organizer Denise DeLong, music star Keith Andrews accompanied by friend Rob Filek, and all the delightful people who came out to share kudos and mega wishes to this super lady!!!! What a wonderful time of family and friends celebrating with Lady Denise. YES!!! Another totally special thing about this phenomenonal lady is that she was in Grade Seven and taught me as her teacher. Her advice, "The more you learn, Mr. Herritt, the more you have to offer your students". And to this day I shout LUV2LRN as my licence plate. No question students can have quite an impact on one's teaching career. What a joy it was to join the group who celebrated with this beautiful lady. Thank you so much, Denise!!!!!
P.S. To honour you with a little birthday 'gift' Jeannie and I are making a donation in your name to a child Help Network with which I am associated, EveryChildEveryStudentMatters toward building a school in a small village in Madagascar, Africa. This school will be built and honouring another former Maritimer, Lady Karen Fox, and this ChildHelp Network is both fundraising and administering the advancement of this project. Now your name is linked with all the efforts to help children in that area. Just for you Denise, just for you!

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
:Everyone is invited to a Fundraiser Dance at St. Andrews Community Hall. Music by Cyril, Rollie, John and special Guest Bill Grover. There will be as much FUN as you can have, lots and lots of DOOR PRIZES to win just by attending. What a night we have planned just for you. The dance starts early...8 PM. Hope to see you there!


Today, May 31, 2015 we truly celebrate Lady Alyssa!!!!
A wesome Supporter of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters
L et's be Fair to her. She is TRIPLE AWESOME
Y es, her Yes Energy is simply soooooo inspiring
S he is a Doer. She chooses to act and not merely say she'll "try" to make a difference
S urely we have so much to learn from this young Lady
A nd she offers us the torch to share some little/maybe medium/oops...perhaps Alyssa inspiring deed to assist this ChildHelp Network.

P.S. Everyone. Alyssa just celebrated her birthday and devoted all the would be birthday gifts to assist EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. She has done this for the past four years. We sincerely thank you for the very inspiring chapter you have written in the story that is ECC...ESM. Your kindness translates into 'on the ground' smiles for a number of children in need. Blessings!!!

ECC LOGO LETTERSIZE COVER We wish all of our supporters a Wonderful Easter, 2015. And we so sincerely thank everyone for their continued support. Blessings!!!!!!!

December 2014e-newsletter
At EveryChildCounts..

we have a Christmas Tree. It looks like this! reach stars : Diversity Christmas Tree hands background for greeting card  illustration layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring  Illustration

December 25, 2014

This has been a very exciting year at EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters. Because of many hands and beautiful hearts our ‘Christmas Tree’ is growing (more hands J) and we thank you for being such a gracious part of this total effort. We are delighted to share that we have fundraised successfully to support in full the following efforts in 2014-2015:
1. Sending 27 children to school in Haiti
2. Sending a secondary student to school in Kenya
3. Sending 25 children to school in Madagascar
4. With tremendous help from Anglican Church Women Nova Scotia and other donors we are building a house from the ground up for a Grandmother and 8 children in Bura, Kenya.

Every single ‘penny’ goes directly to assist children in need. We are so pleased to say we are a 100% from you to them ChildHelp Network. Thank you so much for helping us grow hope in their hearts and opportunity in their lives.
This ChildHelpNetwork is virtually nothing by itself. Rather we are out there doing what we do because people like you are willing to support our efforts. We are committed to helping children in need and a marvelous group of people in various places in Canada, particularly Nova Scotia, Newfoundland andLabrador, and Alberta have helped us grow way beyond our earlier dreams. When you donate your recycles or make a donation otherwise to EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters we touch more young lives. This is what we love doing and you add to our abilities to care. This year we are writing to several students to let them know the beautiful hearts of the giving people who assist us are the true reasons they are supported this current school year. Thank you so much and we wish you Christmas Blessings! Blessings!

Family and Friends of the late Gordon Crewe from Sandyville-Hermitage, NL, Canada, have so graciously succeeded in donating funds to support a child with a full school year of educational opportunities and daily nutritional provisions for this current school year. This is being done to acknowledge, remember and honour this gentleman. EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is so grateful to partner in this "Living Beyond Ourselves" Special Effort and we sincerely express our thanks to all involved in supporting this tribute to Gordon. YES!!!!

NOVEMBER 06: Have you heard of Recycle Day at ECC...ESM? No I don't mean putting your recycles out on the curb for the municipal personnel to pick up. I am referring to a MAJOR GIVING PHENOM! There are tens and tens and tens of hearts in Sandyville-Hermitage and Seal Cove, NL and they have been blessed with the act of giving. These over the top kind people give, I repeat, give their refundable recycles each month to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. This week Garfield Framp and Guy Herritt had more than 25 bags of recycles plus boxes and boxes of glass bottles ready for the Recycle Truck to collect. This resulted in more than $150 for this Child Help Network. I call all these givers the BHS Team (AKA: Beautiful Hearts..Serving). We thank everyone who helps, we appreciate every single effort, we acknowledge with total gratitude all your support. And to think, some have already started this act of kindness again for next month. Anyone in this area who would like to be a part of this BHS TEAM, please contact Guy at 709 883 2299 or Charlie?Kevin Cox at 709 883 2281. BLESSINGS EVERYONE!

NOVEMBER 02: With an immense sense of privilege EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters wishes to share in a Tribute to the Late Reginald Herritt. Family and Friends have made donations in his name to this Child Help Network and one of the children we support this school year will be sponsored as a further instance of his Legacy. It is indeed our privilege to remember this man by sharing with others. We offer our most sincere gratitude to Family and Friends who have made this possible allowing all of us to engage in this Act Of Kindness. Reg and his Family have been supporters of this Child Help Network right from the beginning. We can never say thank you enough for these many years of support and we can easily say it is now our blessing to remember him.Further updates will be forthcoming to acknowledge this Legacy Tribute.

OCTOBER 8: An EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters Tribute to the Late Patsy Dowding-Brooking. Please visit Remembering Others to view this posting.

SEPTEMBER 15: And YES it happened! What a beautiful evening of friends, music, dancing, support from all who attended the dance, and all our local business supporters with all the delightful door prizes. Also a number of businesses made donations to this Child Help Network to add to the success of the evening. Again we are sooooooooo grateful!!!!!To every person associated with this Major FUNDRAISER we say thank you! There were so many special moments, smiles full of memories past, reacquaintances, friends sharing with friends, catching up a little, remembering others. Cyril sang a song ATLANTIC AVENUE (written by Rollie) in memory of Everett Simms, a former and dearly missed member of the band. Together we had a very special evening, with a very successful fundraising outcome, every penny of which will be used directly to help Children in Need. Blessings to everyone who helped/supported this beautiful humanitarian cause and we are excited to say we wish to try again on Saturday, October 19, 2015. We hope we all can make it. A special note of thanks to Cyril Engram and John Dubé instrumental to staging this event. Blessings Everyone.




We are inviting EVERYONE to come and join us – NEWFIE FEVER (MUSIC & FRIENDS) & John Dubé
for this very special THIRD ANNUAL
REUNION FUNDRAISER on September 13, 2014 at
St. Andrew’s Community Hall!!!!!

There are Dozens & Dozens of Door Prizes to be won. And don’t forget to try your luck at a 50-50 draw.
Come out and share in our Music, catch up on old friendships, dance a few tunes, and enjoy the evening with
Music & Friends.

With your help we can put smiles and smiles on a number of children’s faces. This is a very worthwhile cause and
every ‘nickel and dime’ raised goes directly to help children in need.


In 2014 we have been providing the opportunity for more than 50 students go to school in Haiti, Kenya and Madagascar.
Also in 2014 we are building a home for a Grandmother and up to eight orphans who have never lived in a home of their own.  All our fundraising activities and the support of so many allow us to do this. Thank you so much for helping us with the
2014-2015 school year. We are committed to helping children!!!!!!!

We’ll so enjoy seeing you there!!! Sincerely, Cyril, Rollie & John
         More info on FaceBook

AUG 4:Today I have celebrated my Birthday. It has been a day spent with Family and Friends. I know I am so privileged to have these beautiful people in my life and hopefully very, very thankful!!! Received gifts, many being dollars and dollars for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, and this brought an extra joy to my heart. Thank you for all the gifts, for all the Birthday Wishes, for the many kind words. I also wish Happy Birthday to President Obama, hoping he enjoyed his birthday as I have today . Cha Cha Cha. And special thanks to my brother who prepared my favourite salad!!!


JULY 25: OUR EVERYCHILDCOUNTS VERY MERRY BERRY STORY: There is a berry that grows in NL, Canada that is locally known as a bakeapple. Growing!!! Picked!!! Desert!!!(Bakeapple Cheesecake)
Someone was gracious enough to pick some bakeapples and offer them to anyone who would make a donation to this Child Help Network. Our creative efforts to find new ways to fundraise so we might send another child to school in Haiti has resulted in our juiciest story yet. Anyone whose heart can see beyond themselves and reach beyond their own household is berry, berry inspiring to us. Thank you Our most gracious Berrypicker; thank you to all who make donations to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters!!!!

JULY23: There are many people who have so graciously supported this ChildHelp Network during July and we wish to offer our most sincere appreciation. We are listing a number of these acts of kindness under the What's New tab. At this time we salute the Seal Cove Come Home Year Committee on all their efforts to have a most wonderful gathering all this week in their home c ommunity. Congratulations and we wish everyone beautiful moments to share and splendid memories to last and last.

JUNE 04: I wish to thank 703 Class of Ellenvale School, HRSB, Nova Scotia for the privilege of being in their classroom as they worked on a poetry project with particular focus on the work of Maxine Tynes.Whenever I think of Maxine Tynes I have the fondest memories. I not only enjoyed her poetry and her short stories, but she created such an inspiring impression on me that I chose to have on my classroom door for years a poster of some of her work including her poem The People Rainbow.I had occasion a number of times to sit among an engaged audience and listen as she 'shared' - all moments i now protect to memory. This charming, gracious and awesome person punctuated moments of my lige and I am ever grateful. Today whenever I think of Maxine I also think of Maya, and whenever I find Maya crossing my mind I already see Maxine in view. They were both towering advocates for greater social justice and that is the very heart that propels EveryChildCounts to action. Thank you 703, Thank you Ms. A for today. I wanta 'whisper' to the two Ms, or as I call them, M and M, that you at Ellenvale are big time supporters of this Child Help Organization. We indeed are brothers/sisters all!!!!!

MAY 12:


Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m 11 years old. This year I am running in the Youth Division of the BlueNose Marathon, Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday, May 17 – a distance of 4.2 kms. Again this year I am running on behalf of a Child Help Organization, EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters. Since the age of 6 I have been an active supporter of this Association helping children in need. I like the fact that EveryPennyRaised goes directly to help a child – that means 100% of all funds raised go to helping a child directly. I am hoping to find sponsors to help me make this run truly successful. (And tax receipts are offered!!!!!!!) www.everychildcounts.ca

If you are willing to sponsor me, however little, I will appreciate it very much. You will find attached a sponsor sheet.
Thank you! Thank you!
http://rlv.zcache.com/sticker_retro_fun_yellow_smiley_happy_face_symbol-p217573791050084783envb3_400.jpgTyler... HALIFAX BLUENOSE MARATHON – 2014
EveryChildCounts 902-229-3111


Tyler... HALIFAX BLUENOSE MARATHON – 2014 Running for EveryChildCounts… EveryStudentMatters – A Child Help Organization!
Sample Pledge Sheet Below


Sponsor Name

Address –Tel (for Tax Receipt Purposes Only)

Amount Pledged


Yes     No



http://rlv.zcache.com/sticker_retro_fun_yellow_smiley_happy_face_symbol-p217573791050084783envb3_400.jpg     THANK YOU…………….Tyler  


Bracelets1.JPGIf you made a big, big wish and it came true, that would be over the top wonderful. Well, what if a young lady, just eleven years old, informs you that she and some of her friends have been fundraising for a Child Help Network with which you are dedicatedly affiliated with for years. Not only is this a surprise, but a delightful surprise. And yes, it too is over the top wonderful!  EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters wishes to extend a huge thank you to several students at Beaverbank-Kinsac School, NS for this beautifully good deed.

With a rainbow loom, nimble fingers, an entrepreneurial spirit and A-1 marketing, Shannyn, Kathleen and friends sold ‘bracelets’ to their classmates as well as encouraging friendly restaurant staff to buy some. Very few things may speak more clearly and forcefully to the heart than a group of 10-11 year olds caring for the well being of children elsewhere in the world. Indeed, with people like Shannyn, Kathleen and Friends I feel that adults can be offered greater HOPE for a more caring WORLD. It is so good to know that part of our FUTURE is in their hands. I’m sure the World will join me in saying Thank you for helping to make tomorrow a brighter day for children whose opportunities are fewer without your caring efforts. YOU are living proof that EveryChildCounts…
EveryStudentMatters. Bravo!


FEBRUARY 14: Our Greetings read "LOVE and KINDNESS are never wasted". They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you the giver. Happy Valentine's Day Dear Supporter of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. We wish you Love, Happiness and Joy!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes on this Valentine's Day we celebrate Love In The Air, and with Love in the Air, there's Love In The Heart, and with Love In The Heart there may be Kindness. We allow our Kindness not only to celebrate Valentine's Day just for ourselves, but to reach out to a Child in need. We welcome your support. We offer tax receipts for each donation and we assure you that every single penny donated is spent directly on a child.

FEBRUARY 13: Today in the towns of Sandyville, Hermitage and Seal Cove (NL) we celebrate the Eve of Valentine's Day. During the past month a number of most generous and gracious residents offered their recycles which amounted to $242 to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. This support puts a Valentine's SMILE on our faces, one to appreciate the courtesy and kindness of all the donors, and two, it means we can anticipate helping another child with additional opportunities that every child deserves. Blessings to all who GAVE. And Happy Valentine's Greetings!!!!!

JANUARY 2014: THIS website is dedicated to the acknowledgement of every child…to the miracle of what they already are and the promise of what may be their`s to become. As a child knowingly or unknowingly we count on someone, often many someones, to help us in our growing years.

Also in equal proportions this website is dedicated to the proposal that every student matters. It has been my experience as an educator that no one loves students more than parents do. And too I hope parents have learned that every student matters to caring and determined teachers. We salute ever child and say Bravo for every student!!!!

These past 35 years working with students have been a total privilege offered this one human being. And I wish to honour all the young people with whom I have shared classroom space, and as I look back in gratitude, I eagerly look forward to helping other children to become students. Funds are being generated through my efforts and many others to assist children / students here in Canada and globally in equal approaches. All those who give are acknowledged on this website, and information on every project is provided.

If you wish to contribute to this fundation where every penny donated goes directly to a particular need of a child / student, for every child counts and every student matters, then please, your generosity will be immensely appreciated.

I have been offered the privilege – at the very least a delightful challenge – to ‘work’ (oops, I mean share) with several thousand young people over the years. This website gives a `face` to efforts honouring all these youth by paying forward to those who now count on others or who are now finding their footsteps in the corridors of learning as well as those who ask but only the opportunity to attend school.

Thank you students of Ellenvale and Bicentennial from 1973-2005, and students in a host of schools in HRM since then.

If tomorrow offers us the occasion to remember, today offers us an opportunity to begin that memory – but a memory of helping a child, a student, has first to be an act of doing. With apologies to the renowned literary `giant`, my favourite half-Shakespearean quote is `to be and to do``, or as my students so patiently taught me, to do is to be, and so again with total thanks to them, with all of their generous doing, I became more than I might have dreamed.

May it first be in our hearts that Every Child Counts and Every Student Matters, and in our efforts may we indulge ourselves to a lifetime of life rewards.

Sincerely, Rollie Herritt

H 902-864-5079 C 902-229-3111



We wish EveryChild A Student!!!!

JANUARY 01, 2014
At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we have so many reasons to look back on 2013 with GRATITUDE for all the assistance to this ChildHelp Network by hundreds of donors. And we equally look forward to the promise of 2014. Blessings to Everyone.
During 2013 we have been helping 50 children in Haiti, Kenya and Madagascar and it is our hope we shall be able to continue this in 2014. We are committed to continue working diligently to help children in need. We thank everyone for all your support in the past year and most humbly ask that your generous hearts may consider us in 2014. Will post about our 2014 efforts and share the exciting year that begins TODAY!!!!!!!!

2014 WAVING HELLO!!!!!2014 WAVING HELLO!!!!2014 WAVING HELLO!!!!!2014 WAVING HELLO!!!!!!

Dec. 23:

clip_image001_000.jpgEveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters, A Child Help Network, wishes to thank everyone who has helped support it in any way. For many, Christmas allows us to enjoy our Giving Spirit, and here in Southern Newfoundland that giving Spirit of Christmas is happening year round. Thank you, Thank you to Everyone who through your support, 1362961135.jpg we together, help children in need - Children in Haiti, Children in Kenya, Children in Madagascar. 2013 has been a YEAR OF BLESSINGS for more than 50 children to whom we are offering educational opportunities.To all the beautiful giving hearts we say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Blessings Unlimited.

Dec. 08: When you give out three TWIA (Turning Words Into Action) AWARDS in one week, then you know the Great Giving Spirit is so alive and well, but also it bundles you with 'warm fuzzies' or a seratonin rush that is best experienced and less well captured simply in words. The Slade Family of Nova Scotia have also been so inspiring to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. They have been year long supporters for some appreciable time. Thanks to them, we get to send a child to school for the whole year and we do it totally in their name. More correctly I should be saying THEY send a child to school and we merely facilitate the happening and essentially smile with gratitude at the goodness we have just witnessed. A young Haitian child gets to go to school compliments of the Slade Family and it is a most joyous occasion for us to know how the child feels and it is another smashingly delightful experience for us to see this kind of GOODNESS close up - from the people who offer it. There are a lot of perks being associated with a Child Help Network and The Slades grace our hearts with their kindness. With joy we offer you the TWIA AWARD for a most beautiful year in 2013.

Dec. 06: Being a Director of a Child Help Organization, one is no stranger to the constant agenda of fundraising to help carry out the programs enabling the organization to help children in need. Sometimes you are busy searching for the idea of a new way to fundraise; sometimes you are just happily busy out there somewhere helping to make some fundraising effort happen. And every now and then you can have another kind of day. You check the mail and there right in front of you is this beautiful surprise. You open it and it is a cheque (of donation) to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. An enclosed note says "We wish to support your organization in your efforts to help children in need".
You did not solicit, you did not ask, partly because you so appreciate what they have already done to help. And here you are again holding a marvellous donation that will ensure a child goes back to school for another school year. You have very few words at this point, but you have a heart as grateful and full of appreciation as big as all tomorrow. And that is what Knox United Church did this week. It put the heart on notice, "Get ready, you're going to celebrate another ACT of GOODNESS!!!!!Truly, Knox United Church, we offer you our TWIA AWARD!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 04: We just love it at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters when we get to give out a TWIA (Turning Words Into Action) AWARD!!! Well one is coming right up. An e-mail from the Donnelly-Stapleton Family of Nova Scotia finds it way to this Child Help Network, indicating they wish to make a Seasonal Donation to ECC...ESM. A few days later a most wonderful donation arrives in the mail and after saying WOW, we most gratefully say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. It is so inspiring to all of us at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to witness the gracious and generous hearts of others. It means that you have just helped us to provide another child with an entire year of schooling with meals everyday at school, or you are starting us on a road to prepare for another new child until we have enough funds to partner with them. One never lets go of the awe we find in experiencing another's family's willingness to yes, enjoy their own resources, but part of that includes hearts that will share beyond their own family with a child in need. We truly salute the Donnelly-Stapleton Family for providing sufficient funds to help a child with an educational opportunity for a whole school year. And we proudly offer you our TWIA AWARD!!!!

At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we enjoy celebrating the wonder and sheer mystical presence of something wonderful about Christmas for anyone to whom it offers a special joy. We think about and in particular concern ourselves with children in need. It is the spirit of Christmas that so attracts us and we attempt to ride on its magical wave - that spirit of caring and giving that may come a little easier at this time of year and try to spread it over all 12 months. Nonetheless, Christmas is just simply special, it offers that mega pak of energy, spirit, initiative, sharing and welcoming largesse that refuels our efforts long after the calendar season itself may fade into the rear-view mirror. So we're going to "load-up" on that abundance of family and friends togetherness and acknowledge with gratitude that indeed we may have so, so much that is rather within our capacity to share from the reservoir of special richness of living that we realize through special, special relationships which seem to be extra special at Christmas time. We take this opportunity to wish Everyone a Wonderful, Spirit-filled Christmas where fun, laughter, celebration and thankfulness may characterize our Christmas in 2013. We thank most sincerely all who have supported this Child Help Network and help us become even busier helping Children, which is another of our special Christmas joys at ECC...ESM. Blessings Everyone!!!!
Nov. 25:
EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, A Child Help Network, is delighted to offer Kudos to The Doyle Family of Nova Scotia for being beautiful models of true generosity. When Mrs. Doyle phoned ECC...ESM and expressed her Family's Wish to pack 10 Samaritan's Purse Christmas Boxes, I could not contain my delight. She said that she wanted to share with Children who most likely do not have such niceties as Christmas Gifts. At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we are honoured to witness these gracious gifts as moved by the heart. To quote The Doyle Family "Just giving everyone heads up...next November we shall set our sights on double that number, so you can plan on hearing from us...Cha Cha Cha". Again we say to the Doyles, "Luv what you did, and love is likely the reason you did it". We just wanted to share this beautiful Christmas story.

P.S. If you have any questions about how you might help this Christmas please consider giving EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters a call 902 229 3111

Nov. 07: At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we have so many reasons to say thank you to generous hearts helping our efforts at this Child Help Organization to add educational opportunities to more children. Within the very first week of November a number of people have made a donation to ECC...ESM and we wish to salute them.
. Myra and Jeff Herritt
. Guy and Maisie Herritt
. Lin and James Slade
. Shirley Gale
. Tom LeBlanc
. Rev. Joan Helpard
. Jeannie and Rollie Herritt
. Rev. Faye Forbes
. Christine Bragg
. Lisa, Richie, Tyler and Joshua Herritt
. Archie and Beth Kenny
. Jean Macdonald
What an absolutely beautiful way for us to be so determined to do what we do - helping children in need - when others inspire us with their support. Blessings Everyone.




As a member of the A Child Help Organization, Every Child Counts…Every Student Matters, I help raise funds to support its activities of helping children in need.

At present I am willing to rake leaves on your property in a way for FREE, if you are willing to freely make a donation to this very worthy charitable organization. For every $10 you donate to Every Child Counts…Every Student Matters I will offer you an hour (and maybe a little more) of leaf raking time. I am committed to helping this organization and you can feel good helping others. You can go on the website www.everychildcounts.ca to learn more about this Not For Profit Organization. You can get something done for you and help a child at the same time. We kindly ask that you consider this opportunity. Please call Rollie at 902-229-3111 or email rollie@everychildcounts.ca

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested!!!


We are in your area beginning  Oct. 23 to early December…hoping this may be convenient for you.

Monday, October 14:
ECC Logo.jpg   EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving Weekend many of us have had some, several or many reasons to feel thankful, perhaps for the joy of family, the joy of fun times with family or for other neat experiences that may have occurred even this weekend and for that you consider every good reason to feel grateful. We probably heard ourselves say “We are thankful”.
At EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters we have had a rather joyful Thanksgiving. We gathered to celebrate the recent births of two beautiful, beautiful children (they are cousins) and to celebrate another birthday – a five year old, brother to one in the picture.
Just as we welcomed the newborns and celebrated birthdays as well as sharing Family Time, we received news that funds from several people would be forthcoming to EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters so we might help children in need.

Yes, we are so grateful to enjoy beautiful moments with Family and Friends this Thanksgiving Weekend, and we offer our gratitude for the occasion of helping children in need. We count them among our many Blessings!
To every single person who has supported this Child Help Organization in any way in years previous and/or so far in 2013, we say     THANKS..for..GIVING!!!!

Yes, Thanks for Giving to help build the future of other children with greater promise. Here is Islande Mentor in Deschappelles, Haiti sharing a thank you for supporting her and 24 other Haitian children to go to school again this year.

PhotoHere is Deborah Makokha in Kenya expressing thanks for all the help she receives from EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters and shares on behalf of other Kenya children who benefit from our commitments of support to them.

 Here is a type of brick house we are hoping to start building by April 2014 for a mother/grandmother and up to eight children, some from an orphanage nearby in Bura, Kenya. This fundraising project is well underway thanks to a province wide support of ACW!!!!!

These are a few reasons we truly say Thanks..for..giving
If you would like to know more about us, share some of your energies with us, consider making a donation to help us assist more children in need, we most humbly ask you to be in touch. Blessings Everyone this Thanksgiving Monday.

ECC Logo.jpgwww.everychildcounts.ca    
Rollie 902 229 3111
Charlie 709 883 2281
Guy 709 883 2299

Monday, Oct 07:

Have you heard of the TWIA Formula?
If not, please allow me to introduce you to TWIA language!
EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters smiles with delight every
time it posts a TWIA.

As a Child Help Organization we kind of measure our joy index by our TWIA moments.

Yes, TWIA means Turning Words Into Actions!!!!!
And that’s what happened on October 05, 2013 at St. Andrew’s Community Hall, Nova Scotia. Hundreds of folks said – come here, hold a fundraiser dance and we’ll “turn words into actions”. Beyond any ordinary dreams they succeeded. Enough funds (over $3400 so far) were raised and we are now able to send 12 more students to school this year. How FANTAST*IC is that!

To all who attended this dance, yes, you “turned words into actions”, and we salute you with a mega TWIA Award from EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters.  How Great is Great? We say AWESOME TWIA Great!

Thank you, Everyone who helped us on October 05, 2013.
Blessings from ECC...ESM

Saturday, Oct 05:

This is one way!!
Attend an EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters Fundraising Dance at St. Andrew's Community Hall, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. And that's what we did on Saturday, October 05. YES, WE WERE THERE!!!!!
"For every smile that walked through the doors
at St. Andrew's,
For every pair of toe-tappin' feet that graced the floor
For all the dancers whose rhythmic moves made the sound of music even more beautiful,
For all the Hellos that were shared, hugs offered,memories refreshed and new ones made,
We say Thank You!
And imagine....a dozen more children can now go to school this year...thanks to everyone who came and shared your delightful presence and generous hearts.
Together we spent the evening "up to something good".
Cyril, John & Rollie
P.S. Would all of us at the dance repost this to help us make sure nearly everyone, hopefully everyone, may know. We are so sincerely grateful!

Sept 25:

When I was a child my Mother often read to me the book “The Little Engine That Could”. It is still one of my favourite books today.  I find it inspiring and encouraging,  and it refreshes me with enthusiasm to be even more determined to achieve something. Well, allow me to introduce you to “The Little Town That Could”.  Many, many hearts in this community (including Sandyville, Hermitage, Seal Cove, Hr. Breton) have been so graced to donate this small mountain of recycles to support  this CHILD HELP ORGANIZATION – EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters. There are enough funds generated from this generous effort to pay for the opportunity for a junior high student to go school in Haiti for a full year. As well as all the supplies and the opportunity to go to school, that student will receive a cooked meal everyday. And that is exactly what we are doing with these funds. To all who donated to EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters we say a most sincere thank you. YOU too are equally a part of this Child Help Organization. It does not belong to anyone...it is everyone who is a part of it. Thank you Wonderful People for choosing to be a part of our efforts. And bundles and bundles of appreciation to Charlie Cox, Kev Cox and Guy Herritt for all their collecting and storage efforts. I see a part of scripture being witnessed here. “Each one should use whatever gifts they have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter 4:10). Blessings, Gracious Givers!!!!

Sept 20: A big Shout Out to all who have made contributions to EveryChildCounts during September. The beauty of the human heart far surpasses the ordinary and here at EveryChild we experience the JOY of knowing just how true this is. Again our sincere Thank you.

Sept 01: BRAVO to all our supporters for helping to make some totally beautiful things happen again in September. We are so fortunate to have the hearts of many helping us with donations or fundraising efforts that we again this year will send at least 25 young Haitian children back to school for another entire school year. And we are too sending children in Kenya, Africa back to school for several years in a row. We can't tell you how how much joy this brings us, to know that with your help we can make a difference in the lives of these children. Here at EveryChildCounts... EveryStudentMatters everyday we get to read on one wall a large sign that says "TODAY is GOOD DAY to help Children in Need (Why wait until tomorrow?)". And on another wall we read TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE!!!! And it truly is TOGETHER that we get to make a difference 'one child at a time".

August 28, this year marked fifty years since the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., gave his "I Have A Dream" Speech. That tremendously inspiring speech still echoes loudly today and to honour Dr. King, here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we are setting as our goal "50 for 50". Let us try to support 50 children this year.. 1 for each year since the speech was delivered. Next year our goal will be 51 for 51. We have already reached 30 this year. We are determined to keep trying for 50 in 2013. If you can and wish to do anything, any little thing or big thing to help us, please be in touch. Every 'penny' goes directly to help a child in need. With your help we can make it 50 this year. TOGETHER WE CAN!!!!!

Aug 04: A big salute of thanks to the Woolavers, the Cyrs, the Herritts, the Deckers, Bannermans, Kennys and Stilwell Families for getting August off to an awesome start to our fundraising efforts. We thank you so sincerely for all the recycle funds you have contributed as well as other ingenious efforts to help us fundraise. Blessings everyone!

July 27: Here is a picture of Alicia and Tyler in their 'bride and groom' dance and Wow what a most beautiful wedding it was. Unbelievable! Unforgettable! As wedding guests we witnessed sacred ceremony, we witnessed tears of joy, we experienced most gracious hospitality, we enjoyed a most delicious meal, and we celebrated with dance, mirth and laughter. Congratulations indeed and we were so privileged to share in this AWESOME WEDDING. But there's more!!!! Alicia and Tyler wanted to share a few moments of their wedding with EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. If wedding guests wished to see the newlweds K-I-S-S then we would have to make a donation to this Child Help Organization. In a matter of minutes nearly $800 ended up in front of the Bride & Groom and they presented it to Rollie Herritt (a Director of ECC...ESM) to help children in need. Just imagine the joy we know from this caring, considerate, compassionate couple to share with EveryChildCounts on their wedding day. Our simple response is 'we love you'. And to everyone who donated and made this possible to honour the request of Alicia and Tyler, we say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. If we have Blessings to give, we wish to shower them on you. It was truly an occasion where the beauty and generosity of human hearts were on Great Display. Thank you Everyone!
July 25:
EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters wishes to extend a heart full of thanks to all who helped in July 17th's Recycle Success at Sandyville, NL. Special thanks to: Guy and Maisie Herritt, Rick and Roxanne Forsey, Reg and Jane Herritt, Wesley and Donna Harris, Myra and Jeff Herritt, Thomas and Bernice Cox, Kev, Gail, Charlie and Daniel Cox, Norma and Eugene Hollett, Pat and Denise Morey, Jeannie and Rollie Herritt. We so appreciate how you are helping us so we might help more children in need. We are collecting now for our next recycle drive and if you wish to donate please call Charlie Cox 902 883 2281 or Guy Herritt at 902 883 2299 or just leave them in Guy's driveway. Blessings!!

July 24: Please say Hello to Denise, Pat and Gail who are an awesome trio of 'gifters' to EveryChildCounts. On Saturday, July 27, 2013, ECC is invited to a wedding where the bride and groom have planned to dedicate a few moments to this Child Help Organization. The DPG Group are so in on this absolutely beautiful philantrophic act. They have made a totally generous donation just to have the bride and groom kiss. How much is a kiss worth? Well, we will gladly let you know after Saturday. But just to give you heads up...it could be in the high tens or maybe a hundred plus. I think the bride and groom better be ready. Thank you so much Denise, Pat and Gail.

July 18: At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters it is with delight and a total sense of privilege, honour and gratitude that we wish this extroardinary human being a very Happy Birthday. It has been suggested as a gesture of honour to this inspiring wonder, we might offer 67 minutes of ourselves to contribute to some organization advocating and active in efforts to promote social justice. As a Child Help Organization we are offering anyone this invitation. If you couldn't manage it today or this week, you might keep us in mind for August, or September, or later in 2013. We are planning a number of fundraising events and would love to have your input. We strongly encourage you to do it because MADIBA inspires you. You can check our contacts on this website or you can be in touch with Rollie at any time 1 902 229 3111.

July 17: This picture can be an example of what is so typical in the societies of many of us. But what it appears to be isn't what it actually is. What could easily be seen as typical garbage bags sitting by the curb waiting for the ordinary 'pick-up' so they might end up in 'garbage/waste heaven', a delightful surprise unfolds here. A number of gracious residents in Sandyville-Hermitage and Seal Cove, NL donated their recycles to this Child Help Organization EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. So in fact, nothing is wasted in these bags, but filled with good will, care, compassion and generosity that translates into funds to help Children in Need. We truly thank everyone who has helped with this recycle collection. It netted $88.65 and that is such a help to continue our ministry to others. If any one would like to donate their recycles to help us with our efforts, please be in touch with Charlie Cox 902-882-2281 who is a Director of this Charitable organization in this area of NL. Again bundles and bundles of appreciation and gratitude from ALL of us at EveryChild. Blessings! Blessings!
July 01: Happy Birthday Canada!!!!!We have many ways to acknowledge ourselves as Canadians and simply enjoy ourselves on Canada's Official Day of Birthday Celebrations. Some of us have started our day with a pancake breakfast,and later out watching/performing in parades, attending concerts, watching fireworks and a host of other special ways to celebrate our nation's 146th Birthday. And then there is Brianna and Emily. In addition to doing a host of things today, they took time to check in their neigbourhood if people might have a few recycles to donate to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Their marvellous efforts resulted in bags and bags of recycles that we will take to the recycle depot for refunds - all for this Child Help Organization. This is a special Canda Day we won't soon forget, thanks to Brianna and Emily and all who graciously offered them recycles. YES!!!!!!!!

June 30: If we had any need to ask ourselves how EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is able to generate and sustain its efforts to help others in need, the first and easiest response would likely be that the very platform on which this Child Help Organization vibrates is human kindness. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and yes, year after year it is the kindness of the human heart that grows this human response and somewhere within ourselves we respond to our own consciousness 'Yes, I am willing to help another human being in need". So many wonderful people offer this organization the opportunity to practice kindness. With KINDNESS the WORLD may become a different KIND of world. WE wish to say Thank you to every KIND Person we know and especially to every KIND person who shares their kindness with us at ECC...ESM. To offer kindness to another is to offer them a gift, and equally to offer kindness to another is to offer ourselves a Blessing. We salute H-U-M-A-N K-I-N-D-N-E-S-S !!!!!

June 22:

http://sphotos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/67960_462913697111673_1420488684_n.jpg At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we are always in search of ways to fundraise to help children in need. I think we can take inspiration from this seed finding a way to lodge itself here in the middle of a lake and found a way to be/to become a seedling and then a tree with its branches embracing its ecosphere to declare "Here I am". Fortunately for us we know many beautiful hearts who help this Child Help Organization big time. This week we wish to celebrate the generosity and support of Evan & Amy of the Maynard Family and the Donnelly-Stapleton Family. They chose to honour someone else by sharing a donation to this foundation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

June 01: On Saturday, June 01 Lady Alyssa celebrated her Birthday. She chose to invite her friends and this is the invitation she asked her Mom to send out.






DATE: Saturday, June 1st

TIME: 2:00-4:00

WHERE: Ruth Inch Memorial Pool

IMPORTANT: Alyssa will NOT be accepting gifts for her birthday. Instead, she will be raising funds for Every Child Counts, Every Student Matters. For details about this organization please feel free to visit their website @ www.everychildcounts.ca. If  you require a tax receipt for your donation please provide a mailing address.

What a beautiful story this is to post about her efforts to support ECC...ESM.
She was super successful in using her Birthday as a fundraiser for other Children in Need and has forwarded more than $400 to this Child Help Organization. That means a young person in Haiti will be offered another full year of schooling starting in September 2013 thanks to Lady Alyssa. We could say Imagine! Imagine! out of surprise far beyond the ordinary. Well, this is the truly big, caring, and compassionate heart of this young lady. Lady Alyssa, you teach us much and you teach us well. You inspire us to try even harder at what we do - to help more children with opportunities to 'grow their own abilities'. May the beautiful smile you share in your picture be reflected in the joy you offer others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! [If anyone would like to send Alyssa a note of acknowledgement/appreciation for such a gracious act, we would love it if you sent it to rollie@everychildcounts.ca and we would proudly send it on to her.] Another occasion for ECC...ESM to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!

May 18: It is a total privilege and delight to introduce you to Tyler who on Saturday, May 18, 2013, ran in the Youth Run of the Bluenose Marathon, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Last year he ran and again this year fundraising for this Child Help Organization. In 2012 he donated nearly $300 to send a child to school in Haiti for an entire year and this year he surpassed that amount and will be sending the same student back to school again in September, 2013. Tyler is a Team Supporter of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters and has been very active in this organization since 2009. We can't thank you enough, Tyler. You are truly an inspiration to us and I was so pleased to offer congrats to you after you passed the finish line. "Folks, I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people. If you become active in this Child Help Organization you can expect to experience totally awesome moments as well. Think about it, and hopefully you will be in touch".
May 14: Just how JA are you? Well, if you are a member of the JA (Junior Auxiliary) Group at St. Francis By The Lakes, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, you are simply exceptional in how you are willing to care for others. You organized a Valentine's Tea fundraiser at St. Francis and depended on the goodwill of all who attended. And how right you were to count on their gracious and generous hearts. You successfully raised funds and $400 of which you donated to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to help children go to school and be offered a cooked meal everyday. We so thank you for partnering with us. We will use these funds to send more students in Haiti back to school again in September 2013 and we will do it in your name. Just how JA are you? You are Just Awesome!!!!!!!!

May 12:
If we were to ask Mothers, most probably very few, if any of them, would say they are entirely perfect, but we feel confident in saying an exceptionally strong case might be made that the vast majority of MOTHERS are MASTERS at nurturing THE GOOD!!!!
They offer our world its most potential and promise, and we the world owe them in countless ways.
Mothers are more than being women. They are truly a ...Sisterhood... that enables and promotes a Greater Humanity. And as some speak of a Brotherhood of Man, here at EveryChildcounts...EveryStudentMatters we declare to the world there is a Sisterhood of Humanity, and MOTHERS are on the frontlines and play a starring role.
On this Mother's Day we salute all Mothers, we acknowledge their priceless gifts and we offer our greatest gratitude.
We encourage THE WORLD to echo with us "Hats off to a genuine SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY".
Happy Mother's Day, World!!!!!

May 05: Rev. Faye Wheatley has been a supporter of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters from it's very first year and we so sincerely offer our appreciation time and again, but however often, it could never be enough. She has been a supporter from the get go! As a representative of ECC...ESM I was privileged to accompany dozens of her friends to honour this lady in a Walk For Memories in Downtown Halifax, May 05, 2013. A memorable experience indeed. Blessings Rev. Faye!!!!!

May 04: It is our pleasure, privilege and total delight to wish Anniversary Greetings to two most wonderful people. We say Happy Anniversary to Guy and Maisie Herritt, Sandyville, NL as they were wed some 47 years ago. They have been monthly supporters going on 4 years of this Child Help Organization. Two beautiful hearts, two big hearts and we send you the LOVE of this entire group.
We wish you a most joyous anniversary and our profound gratitude for all the support you offer. So many children have lived better lives because of you. Blessings to you Guy and Maisie.

May 02: Here at EveryChildCounts... EveryStudentMatters we are ever so thankful to receive a gracious donation from Lady Marjorie Meade of Hermitage, NL. She is the proud mother of a wonderful daughter and son and both of them have beautiful families. Greetings to everyone and Blessings. Marjorie is sharing with us to reach our goal of securing enough funds to build a home for a Mother/Grandmother and eight children in Bura, Kenya by early 2014. We thank you, thank you for your heart being touched in this manner. You are indeed an equal part of ECC...ESM and we welcome you with bundles of appreciation. YES!!!

Apr.28: A young member of the Reid Family today came to us and offered a most generous donation to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. He said this is from my Family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cameron, Miranda, Kaeden, Jennifer and Tim. As well as being parents to wonderful and beautiful children, you The Reid Family, allow yourselves the compassion to reach out to help children in need. The unlimited gratitude you have for your own family does not stall your vision to share with others. This capacity to further grow our own humanity is humbly expressed in the efforts by all of us who are ECC...ESM and we thank you for being partners in this effort. Again, Cameron, Miranda, Kaeden, Jennifer and Tim no Thank you for your kindness and generosity is ever enough but you help our hearts smile even more. Blessings Everyone!!!

Apr.21: A big salute to Lin & Jim Slade for your additional support to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. You have graciously acknowledged us, you have generously supported us and you have been determined that we should dream more. Your legacy is so affirmed in this Child Help Organization. Our Blessings indeed!!!

Apr.20: Most of us have probably heard of The Brotherhood Of Man and that indeed is a most wonderful sentiment even if it is not quite grounded in constant reality. And now I wish to tell the WORLD about THE SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY. That is what EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters witnessed during the weekend of April 19-20. The ACW (Anglican Church Women) Association of Nova Scotia chose to support as their International Outreach Activity a proposal by this Child Help Organization to build a home for a mother/grandmother and 8 children in Bura, Kenya by 2014. The members have committed to fundraising for an entire year with the proceeds going to this "Home With A Heart" Project. They have chosen to partner with EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to 'challenge all that limits us' so that we might succeed at helping with the well being of others. To the Mother/Grandmother and children in Kenya we sang together "Let me be your sister too". ECC...ESM is just bubbling with excitement, humbled with gratitude and further energized to believe how The Spirit toucheth hearts and what ensues may be much more than we could have imagined. We salute you ALL MEMBERS OF ACW NOVA SCOTIA and indeed AWESOME MEMBERS OF THE SISTERHOOD OF HUMANITY!!!!!!!Blessings Everyone! All details and progress of the Home With A Heart Project will be posted on this site. Please check periodically.
Apr. 13:
As we posted on April 02 on this website we lost a great friend and a gracious supporter at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, Sir Howard. Not only will we remember him but we will do something to remember and honour him. Today that wish is being launched. Family members came by today and most graciously and generously offered donations to this Child Help Organization so we can share Howard's Legacy with others hopefully for years and years to come. They chose to let some child they haven't even met to know of the tremendous humanity of Sir Howard and in his name we offer this child a chance to go to school. At the moment we have $150 in this tribute to Howard and it is our goal to reach $300, which is the approximate amount we offer to send an elementary student to school for a complete year. If you wish to contribute a $5, a $10, a $20 or your choice (and all tax receiptable) we would be delighted if you share with us. This is a goal we know we will achieve and come September another child will go to school because this man, our friend Howard, has inspired us to do so. All of you who know this gentleman we kindly ask if you might share our link with others so they might know of this HEARTWISH!!!!
The words below are simply so beautiful and so heartfelt, I determined they just so needed to be shared. Mega thanks to the White Families. Blessings!!!!!

Apr. 11

On Thursday evening April 11, 2013, Lady Alicia Rose attended The St. Francis By The Lakes Dinner Theatre and in addition to enjoying the performance she graciously had her picture taken with Chrysthanos Calias, a Greek Olympiad winner. (See the mega chunk of gold he is sporting. oooooh yaaah.)
Of course there is more to this story. Chrysthanos is AKA Carl Hausman, Alicia's nephew. Another beautiful reason to share this pic is to say Thank you to Alicia and her husband Donald. They are both generous supporters of this Child Help Organization and we offer our most sincere appreciation and gratitude.
At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we believe to help a child in need is to express our humanity in a noble way. Kudos to Alicia and Donald for doing just that!!!!!!! YES!!!!!

April 02:

http://mi-cache.legacy.com/legacy/Images/Cobrands/DignityMemorial/Photos/c0656db4-a96d-4ee4-a943-763159727e24.jpgIn Memory of

Howard Arthur Mackenzie
May 19, 1930 - April 2, 2013

Click here for Obituary

April 01:A big welcome to April and Blessings to ALL. A number of exciting things are unfolding in April. Will keep you posted.


Mar.31: We have launched a very exciting effort. It is called The Gift Of Mercy.
Please click on the link above to check it.

For the past four years, Tyler, now ten years old has been a supporter of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. He began by offering his family's recycles to this Child Help Organization and his family continues to do this. Wonderful!!!
In 2012, just being 9, he entered the BlueNose Marathon in Halifax, NS and raised nearly $300 for ECC...ESM. Simply terrific and it goes to show just how wonderful the giving heart of a young person can be.
Well, today he has offered another TBM, that's right a TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!!!! He has decided to donate a part of his allowance every week to ECC...ESM. I don't have to say "Imagine, a ten year old donating a part of his allowance every week to help a child in need somewhere". Take the imagine out. He is doing it. Tyler, you continue to impress us, inspire us and infuse our energies to do more at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. By the way a TBM is also a TYLER BOLD MOVE!!!!!!!!! Cha Cha Cha
And no we don't compete with each other at ECC...ESM, but we do challenge ourselves. Just wondering if there is another 10 year old, an 11 year old, any young boy or girl who might challenge themselves to live a part of their 'allowance' lives offering a little to another child. If you wish to challenge yourself that way, please be in touch with us. We all have TBMs to share. Please be in touch!!!!

Mar.03:We take great pleasure today to extend our gratitude to Rev. Joan Helpard of St. Francis Church, Sackville, Nova Scotia for being a 12 month supporter of this Child Help Organization. Yes, that is correct, she has made a donation to ECC...ESM for January, February and March already and has made the necessary plans for a donation for all the remaining months of the year for 2013. We consider this another milestone marker at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. From the goodness of beautiful hearts more young children in need can be reassured that they will be offered another year of educational opportunity. Rev. Joan, we thank you, thank you, thank you for being a most gracious supporter of this Child Help Organization and we proudly say this is no single person's organization but it belongs to all who support it. Rev. Joan, you chose to continue being a part of ECC...ESM and work through it so you could help a child in need. Congrats to you and Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!!!

Feb. 21:


On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Family and Friends were extremely saddened with the passing of William Engram of Edmonton, Alberta. Bill, as he was more familiarly known by most, was born in Atlantic Canada, lived there until his late teen years and then began a career with Canada’s Telecommunications Industry in Western Canada and The North. That extended career saw him and his family living in Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alberta. His work enabled him to visit nearly every single community in Canada’s North.

In addition to his Telecommunications career he was quite active in local service clubs, offering many years to The Lions of Canada.He has touched the lives of so many, leaving a legacy of many, many acts of loving family and helping countless people.

In celebration of his ‘living life with a big heart’ a Family Member has made a generous donation to EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters in his memory and to honour his legacy of doing much to help many. This Child Help Organization will continue his legacy of reaching out to others and helping their well-being by offering a child in Haiti an entire year of schooling in 2013-2014. Sir Bill, we have learned about the power of good from the life you have lived. If anyone wishes to make a donation in Bill's memory to this Child Help Organization we shall glady honour that.[Please see Remembering Others Menu for further acknowledgements]

Feb. 17: More exciting news about the gracious efforts of JAs at St. Francis By The Lakes to fundraise for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Today they held a Valentine's Tea after Church Service, invited everyone and served them a sizzling, delicious 'brunch'. A part of the free-will offering will be donated to this Child Help Organization. Imagine 6-12 year olds fundraising to help other children. Absolutely awesome. Let's all salute them. If you, Dear Reader, would like to send them an e-note of appreciation, please do so through this website and we shall certainly see that they receive it. They would so enjoy knowing they are appreciated by others. I am so in on this proposal. Hope to hear from you.

Feb. 14: This past week EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters had the privilege of supporting Deborah Makokha who began another semester of school in Nairobi, Kenya. Deborah is thirteen years old and has done extremely well in school so far, but her family simply needed help with funds so she could continue to do what she so likes doing - attending school and giving her best effort to achieve well. We are simply wanting to give this young Kenyan lady a chance to continue developing her marvellous abilities and we can only hope that one day she might be in a position to offer her efforts/resources to this Child Help Organization. Congrats to you Lady Deborah for trying so hard in school and achieving so well. Blessings. And Blessings, Blessings to all of us who support ECC...ESM to help make this possible!!!!!!

Feb. 05: This evening I have the distinct privilege of sharing with 34 young people, all JA Members at St. Francis By The Lakes, a presentation on EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Not only am I excited to do this, but perhaps doubly excited because this same group fundraised over $300 last year to send a child in Haiti to school for an entire school year. So I shall be reporting on many wonderful things that have happened in the educational life of this student. Her name is Woodmia and in Grade 2.
Thanks to all the JA members for making this happen. How big or how old does one need to be to make a difference? Ask a JA at St. Francis. Some of them are only 6 years old and all of them under 13. Together they make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

Jan. 31: Joy is always in season, and no moment is too small to celebrate! I remember reading that somewhere and I knew I wanted to hang unto it. And today at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we experienced joy. In the mail came in from one of our monthly supporters postdated cheques for every month of 2013 and an increase in the amount that they offered during the past two years. Our first joy was that this most gracious and generous family has continued to support this CHILD HELP ORGANIZATION for another full year. That in itself is a total joy. And of course to increase their monthly donation is a further indication of how much their hearts are continuing to grow to help a child in need. It appears evident that they too know the JOY within themselves to care for others and we salute them for accepting our commitment to them and all who donate to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to ensure that 100% of all donations go directly to help children. Wonderful couple, you know who you are, and as the icon above says you offer us energy (support, finances) and we further attend to children in need. Another wonderful day for us here at ECC...ESM and hopefully in all the hearts of children we reach out to and show them we care both with our compassion and on the ground resources to add to opportunities in their lives. Joy is always in season and yes, no moment is too small to celebrate.
If you, Dear Reader, were to choose to support this Child Help Organization, we guarantee you that every penny will go directly to help children and go to a cause of your choice if you wish it to. And tax receipts are issued to everyone. We are a transparent Child Help, out there on the move, doing what we are committed to do, assisting children struggling with challenges and making that challenge less so. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Jan. 25-31: Looking forward to meeting with Bishop Sue Moxley and another meeting with Larry Heighton to share Greetings and chat about EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Equally I look forward to meetings with Patrick Mather, Stephanie Abriel, John Keizer, and David Grace - all separate meets. Gotta Thank every single one of them in advance for being willing to pencil in a little of their busy schedule to chat. SUPER!!!!

Jan. 20: FYI NOTE: For your information, tax receipts are being prepared and hopefully will be issued by early February. Again a super Thank You to everyone and these receipts will be mailed in the near future! BRAVO!!!!!

Jan. 15: So many beautiful reasons to say thank you in January to gracious and generous people who have already supported EveryChildCounts...
in 2013. Kudos go to Guy and Maisie Herritt, Jeff and Myra Herritt, Lin and James Slade, Don and Beth Decker, John and Diane Bennett, The Four Farrell Sisters, Archie and Beth Kenny, Stan McLellan, Sue & Ricky and Skye Boucher, Derek and Phyllis Dinham, Kevin, Gail, Charlie and Daniel Cox, Jeannie and Rollie Herritt. Just a super way to start our new fundraising year!!!!! YEA!!!! and Congrats to ALL who share a part of who they are to help children in need, in struggling circumstances, where resources are next to 'not/none' or at best marginal. Thank you to everyone who have chosen to make a challenge less so for someone already this year. We are looking forward to another FANTASTIC YEAR at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters and will keep you posted. Every good deed, or is it every good 'deeder' must be acknowledged. Blessings Everyone!!!!!!!

Jan. 03: We invite you in 2013 to consider the invitation of journeying a little of your year with us as we commit ourselves to helping children in need. Check us out, see how we attempt to do things, review what we have done in previous years, grow familiar with what we have planned for 2013. You may enjoy what you discover about your own heart if you join us and together we achieve something more. Give us a phone call, ask as many questions as you wish , see if there is something about this ChildHelp Organization with which you are comfortable and you make this year YOUR YEAR to BLESS another human being with your care!!! Hope to hear from you!

Jan. 02: Today we received a gracious donation from Phyllis Engram in memory of Frances Geddes who completed her life journey on December 26, 2012. Frances and Phyllis were both colleagues in the Fall River Education System, Nova Scotia, Canada and enjoyed collegial collaboration as they shared their classroom experiences and expertise. The funds offered in memory of Lady Frances will all go to help a child attend school, a child who otherwise would not have such an opportunity. How wonderfully fitting that Phyllis's honouring her colleague in this manner, and EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is privileged to continue what Frances so enjoyed - teaching our children and our youth. We so salute Lady Frances for all she has done helping others and we most sincerely thank Lady Phyllis for passing on the torch of teaching others in Frances' memory.

Dec. 26: My Dad, Max Herritt, was born on December 26, so I suppose he was sort of a 'Boxing" Day Baby. In our Family we all knew he was one of the Greatest Gifts for us and we sort of renamed Boxing Day 'Our Father's Birthday'. That Birthday was celebrated for 75 years and in our hearts we still celebrate his birthday. My Dad invited countless people to our home to share a meal, many he hardly knew, some he had never met before and I tried to capture a part of that unselfish part of this marvellous man in a song I wrote about him called 'Through My Father's Eyes" which could have been subtitled 'There's Always Room At The Table For One More". Today to continue this 'ease of welcome' we are inviting a lady from Kenya, East Africa to come and share with us and 15 or 20 others gathering to enjoy that which is so within the capacity of humans to do - to share at least a little of what we have and break bread together and salute each other with PEACE. There, I've said my 'piece'. Just feeding off my Dad's beautiful energy and having FUN here. Blessings everyone.

Dec. 26: Lady Maya Angelou, Maya Angelou we thank you for all your gifts to the world, especially your 'heart' words as well as all your perhaps inimitable mind words. EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, a Child Help Organization so salutes you as someone we admire greatly. We strongly believe that Every Child should be offered the opportunity to be a student and we apply our modest resources to make what we hope is at least a little difference in the well being of a child.
Today we wish to say Thank YOU for writing all the beautiful things we so, so enjoy reading. To celebrate Christ as the 'promise' of Peace is every good reason to embrace the Christmas Message this year and it appears wise that we keep leaning in that direction as 2013 arrives very soon.
Blessings Lady Maya!!!!! From All of us here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters

             December Newsletter 2012 ……………….Greetings to All Our Supporters
&   Sharing With Everyone A Little Information About This Child Help Organization

         This Child Help Organization has been formally registered for the past number of
years and we have been busy helping children in need since 2009. This year has been a
notably achieving year. More people have supported us than ever before, and we
have been able with that support to provide educational opportunities for more students
than in any previous year. For the school year 2012-2013 we are sending 26 young Haitian
students back to school and we are also active in Kenya with a more modest, but nonetheless significant effort to help a number of young Kenyans with an entire school year funded for them. We are delighted that with everyone’s help every penny raised goes directly to help children in need. 100% of all our funds go to help a child. You can visit our website and see the names and pictures of these children.

       Another bit of very exciting news is that we are hoping by 2013 to begin building
a home structure in Bura, Kenya for an African Grandmother and the eight children she
is looking after. We are currently negotiating this heartwish and hope to finalize plans
early in the New Year.

       We are also exploring this modest proposal. We are offering some of the students
we partner with an opportunity to extend an invitation to a Grandparent to go to an
Adult Literacy Wing of the school they attend. If you are asking does such an Adult
Literacy Room currently exist in the schools in which we operate. The answer is
soundly NO. Does it have to remain that way? The answer is soundly NO. Our response is
we are determined to try. Can you imagine looking into the eyes of a 64 year
Grandmother and say, this is for you - a gift from your Grandchild, so you too can go
to school and we know it will be your very first time to do so.

        Just sharing a little about what we do and our most sincere gratitude for all who
help us to help others.  Christmas Blessings!!!!!!
Most Sincerely,                                      Rollie Herritt

Dec. 20: Here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we know a lot about GOODNESS IN OUR WORLD. We can share with you names including Elaine Bishop, Ann Gray, Mona Harrod, Joan Helpard, Shirley Keeler, Elaine Laurie, Bev Scammell, Rose Smith, Sarah Smith and Dawn Snyder and thay all add up to an AWESOME Bundle of Goodness in Our World!!!! They are all members of St. Francis by the Lakes Mothers Union, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada and they just donated $155 to this Child Help Organization. This money was donated to ECC...ESM in lieu of buying gifts at Christmas Time for their Secret Prayer Friends. So what would have been a gift to each other was offered to help a child in need. The gifts that could have been directed toward themselves totally unselfishly went to help others. There is so much to learn about caring from Mothers; there is so much to learn from Mothers Union Members about compassion. They chose to extend beyond themselves, to reach further than themselves and allow their hearts direct what they do in their outreach to others. To share further with our readers, for the record - this is the third year in a row they have similarly shared with ECC...ESM. Thank you Mothers Union Members, Thank you so, so much. We shall offer every penny to help a child's well being, an opportunity to attend school each day and to share a cooked meal each day at school. You offer these gifts to others and we sincerely hope you experience BLESSINGS OF THE HEART many-fold.

Dec. 19: Today at the door a gentleman appeared with an envelope and said "we wish to offer this to the EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters Child Help Organization". It was a generous donation and the card inside read
"We would like to make this donation to ECC...ESM in memory of the staff and children of Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Connecticut on behalf of our grandchildren - Alexander, Jazzlynn and Carter". All the aching hearts of the families and friends of these children and staff who literally 'spent their last days at school", are still aching and will ache much, much longer yet, but thank goodness some hearts have already reached out to 'help bind the wounds' as it were and say we are here and we care. In fact we not only offer the care of our hearts but we are determined to offer an opportunity of greater hope to another child. That is what we attempt to do everyday at EveryChildCounts...
EveryStudentMatters and now there are 20 young beautiful children and 6 courageous staff members for whom we shall continue to do this in their honour and with reverence. Thank you to the White Family for this most noble act of compassion. And we thank you for helping this organization to reach out to children in need and make a sincere effort to add to their well-being. This 'Christmas gift" you offered will not be end up beneath some tree, but it will be the gift of helping someone attend school, someone who otherwise simply would not have that opportunity without our help. I have heard it said that 'we are only one choice away from changing our own life". At ECC...ESM we often say "we are only one choice away from changing the life of a child in need". If more donate in memory of the children and staff at Newtown, Connecticut, we shall institute a memorial acknowledgement whereby the funds would go to help a child already waiting for someone to help them to 'go to school'. Blessings everyone!

Dec. 18:

Welcome to
Crichton Park
Elementary School

Today three of the Directors of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters - Jeannie Herritt, Richard Herritt and Phyllis Dinham have been invited to Crichton Park Elementary School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and Sarah, Alexcis and Carlee on behalf of all students and staff, presented them with a humungous cheque worth $500.50 as a Power Of The Penny Donation to this Child Help Organization. Wowsers!!!! How powerful is this, to have our students as young as five years old care enough to bring in pennies to help children in Haiti, Kenya and other places in our world. This particular school has such a legacy of adding to our community resources, to participate in humanitarian acts of a global scope and to demonstrate time after time the maturity of a young mind as well as the truly responsible acts of consideration and compassion, and we are so privileged they honour ECC...ESM with their goodwill. You are indeed Studentsplus; you keep adding to the positive energy of our world and you do it in such an admirable manner. If you look at our hearts you will find many smiles of total gratitude!!!!!

Dec. 14: On this day I have lived in two worlds, or so it seems. Today I spent all of the afternoon at Crichton Park School, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada, and was witness to the beautiful, creative, productive, determined and caring efforts of hundreds of elementary students. During the past seven or so weeks the entire school participated in bringing in pennies to partner with EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to help children in need - particularly to ensure children without an opportunity to go to school, to have one. They successfully brought in 50 000, yes you are reading correctly, 50 000 pennies and made the entire donation to this Child Help Organization. These are all children helping children. Imagine how much humanitarian GOODNESS lives in these young hearts. Thank you everyone at Crichton Park for such an amazing act of GOODNESS. And then there was another elementary school where students had the same enjoyable, fun loving and compassionate hearts. On this day, I have lived in two worlds. One where students offered me a total bonus day, sheer joy, sheer delight and profound appreciation, and then I experienced such sorrow that there was hardly the capacity to breathe with a heart so sad. There can be no doubt that I shall have to try even harder to convince EVERYONE that EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters.

Dec. 11: We wish to extend our appreciation to the Sackville Rotary Club for drawing the tickets to our ticket campaign to win a rocking horse and a second draw for a quilt/banner. This was done under the supervision of Rev. Ross Bartlett and their meeting minutes have duly recorded it to verify this at arms length transaction.
The winner of the Rocking Horse is David Grace of Sackville, NS, Canada and the winner of the quilt/banner is a Mrs. Crocker of Bedford, NS, Canada. Both parties have been informed and plans are being finalized for the deliveries at their earliest convenience. A big, big thank you to all who bought tickets and helped us with this fund-raising effort. YES!!!!

Nov. 02: Fabulous, Fortunate Friday. The students at Crichton Park School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada asked me to pop by and pick up 15 000 pennies. The very first time I have seen these many pennies in one collection. The entire school is doing this until Christmas and partnering with EveryChildCounts... EveryStudentMatters so together we can send more children to school. So many beautiful and awesome things are happening; students at Crichton Park are so empowering themselves to make a difference in the lives of others. They choose to fundraise and they are an equal part of deciding how these funds will be used, and ECC...ESM is obligated by promise and commitment to offer feedback on the results of our efforts all with total transparency. We say a super thank you to ALL at Crichton Park, and we encourage other schools to look at our partnership model to further empower students here while helping children in need. Please consider asking a representative of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to come to your school and share with your students. The potential for GREATNESS is in us all; we owe it to our young people to offer them that opportunity. Have a MARVY DAY everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 22: Today I had the privilege of sharing a presentation about EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters with a group of students attending elementary school. Carlee, Alexcis and Sarah are spearheading a fundraising campaign to help more young people go to school. They are graciously inviting ECC...ESM to achieve this goal with them. What a gym full of beautiful energy was ready to greet me today. Can't thank everyone enough; so enjoyed all students and staff at Crichton Park today and we shared these ECC...ESM lyrics

"Each little smile, every bit of laughter
Every single heartbeat, every pitter patter
Even little dreams can be a lot to master
But with a little help they can grow much faster
For all of us now, and all who come after
May EveryChildCount and EveryStudentMatter"
(Thank you everyone at Crichton Park for being willing and determined to share your interest and involvement) Cha Cha Cha

Oct. 20:
Today this young Lady Alicia calls EveryChildCounts... EveryStudentMatters and makes this extraordinary proposal. Perhaps it is only fair that extraordinary people can manage and master extraordinary proposals. Lady Alicia is engaged to be married to her fiancee Tyler Loveless in July of 2013. Congratulations to them, indeed. They have decided that during the reception and since it is often the custom to find occasions for the newlyweds to kiss, kiss, kiss at the attendees request (as if beck and call), that they would be quite willing to do so if donations were made to this ChildHelp Organization for each time a request is made. Now, how original, how willing and compassionate to think of the well being of others even on their big, big day. We can't thank you enough for such a generous and gracious gesture and obviously in your hearts EveryChildCounts and EveryStudentMatters. Maybe someone may like your idea and wish to try it for ECC...ESM. We are ever grateful to ALL.

Oct.18: OK it's Thursday evening and I'm here sitting, playing catch-up on some correspondence, and listening to Johnny Reid, very much enjoying listening to his singing "Yeah, today I'm gonna try to change the world". The phone rings and a Ms. Stephanie Abriel, a phenomenal educator with Halifax Regional School Board, currently teaching at Crichton Park School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, shares exciting news. Some of her students have decided to help EveryChildCounts... EveryStudentMatters try and change the world. When you have the privilege of knowing many, and meeting more, beautiful hearts willing to help children who deserve basic opportunities to 'grow' themselves, when you have that experience many times over, you can never be the same. You cannot pretend you are living an ordinary life. The impact is in itself life changing. Thank you Lady Stephanie, Thank you Students and Staff at Crichton Park, I can't wait to begin this journey together. Better fasten my seatbelt.

Oct.15: Today I was offered the privilege to share about EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters with a group of delightful people at Knox United Church in Sackville, Nova Scotia. Please allow me to say YOU shared with me totally beautiful moments and did I say...

http://people-equation.com/wp-content/uploads/Thank-you.jpg http://www.glittergraphics.org/graphics/thank-you/images/10.jpg http://www.desiglitters.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/thank-you-desi-glitters-12.gif

http://mamasfoodshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Thank-You-with-heart-1.jpg http://milaninternationalschool.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/thank-you-in-sign-language.pngAnd during one of these beautiful moments we shared a prayer for Malala Yousufzai!!!!!!!!!!! And even though we live thousands of kilometers away, yet your 'girl' courage inspires us to honour you. Please know we offer our prayers and Blessings. We ask if any reader knows a way of sending our heart wishes at this Child Help Organization to Lady Malala, please do so on our behalf. We thank you!!!!! And may I share with total gratitude EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters just received $375 from this group of generous hearts with strict instructions - to ensure on their behalf another child/youth gets a chance to go to school for an entire year. This group is part of that wonderful energy that will change THE WORLD!!!!!!! "We made our resolution! Yeah, today we're gonna try to change the world" (compliments of Johnny Reid, et.al)


Here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters this is truly a day to remember and we, eagerly and with delight, wish Guy Herritt a Happy Birthday. Guy and his wife Maisie have been supporters of this Child Help Organization every single month for the past three years. We thank you for being the 'rock' that you are for ECC...ESM and we wish you a most enjoyable Birthday. May all the smiles you help to put on so many children in need come to 'visit ' you today and joyfully beam to you Happy Birthday and smile Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!!!!!!

Oct. 11:
Today we wish to salute the courage of a remarkably brave and inspiring young girl, Malala Yousufzai, who was recently shot in Pakistan and we are told by the media it was because she chose to publically advocate for all girls' access to education. Here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we pray for your total recovery and acknowledge you as every good reason why we should remain so committed to helping youth who may be assisted by our efforts. Blessings to you Malala from ALL of us at EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters.

This was posted earlier by Amnesty International Canada.

"The bravest Pakistani schoolgirl of them all!
Today, on the first ever International Day of the Girl, we want to highlight Malala Yousafzai, also known as “the girl on the schoolbus”. She was brutally targeted by the Tehreek-e-Taliban as she had spoken out for the right for girls to receive an education.As she was on her way to school, a gunman opened fire on her bus, deliberately targeting Malala. In spite of being shot in the head, she survived the attack.

As the world now watches the slow progress of a young girl who was brave enough to refuse to bow to the sinister threats of the Taliban, hundreds of thousands of schoolgirls in Pakistan watch in thrall as their future and their desires to go to school stand in the balance. Malala’s words can give them strength:

“I have rights. I have the right of education. I have the right to play. I have the right to sing. I have the right to talk. I have the right to go to market. I have the right to speak up.”

What an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May all of us at ECC...ESM and everywhere take the time to learn from Malala!
Sincerely, Rollie

Oct. 07: On September 15, 2012 at St. Andrew’s Community Center, there was a Reunion Dance by Cyril, Rollie and John, and all the proceeds went to EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters. We can’t thank you enough for coming out and enjoying with us this Reunion Gig of The Fever, and for all your support to this Child Help Organization. Nearly four thousand dollars in dance proceeds and donations were raised to help children in need. We will never forget your kindness and wish to thank all who came to the dance. Thank you to all who helped us with door prizes. Thank you to all who made donations. And big, big thanks to Cyril for all the preparations, his organizing behind the scenes and being the ‘big heart’ to put so much energy into this special event. Too, we extend our sincere appreciation to Lady Marie Feltmate and her associates at St. Andrews for all their help and co-operation. Thank you everyone for filling the floor and giving us a bundle of special memories. Blessings to ALL.
Sincerely, Rollie Herritt, Director, www.everychildcounts.ca

: 01 We extend October Greetings to all our supporters. Thanks to the generous heart of Madoona Cooze we have a banner with Amazing Grace theme and are now selling tickets on it as a fundraiser - $1 each or 3 tickets for $2.
Also we have an awesome rocking horse made by Ben Fudge of Louisbourg and we are selling tickets on it $2 each or 3 for $5. If you wish to purchase tickets to help us with our fundraiser, please be in touch. Just phone Rollie at 902-229-3111. WE offer our sincere gratitude to Madonna and Ben for helping us with this fundraiser. And YES every penny fundraised goes to help children in need. We kindly ask you to consider supporting this Child Help effort.

Rocking Horse crafted by Ben Fudge

Rkng Horse AGD NS Permit-004576-12

Thank You!!!!!!

A Child Help Organization  902-229-3111

Rocking Horse Draw – Dec. 11, 2012 @ Sackville Rotary Club
Tickets $2 each or 3 for $5
AGD NS Permit-004576-12

Quilt/Banner made by Madonna Cooze

AGD NS Qu/Banner Permit-004577-12

Thank You!!!!!!

A Child Help Organization  902-229-3111

Little Quilt/Banner Draw – Dec. 11, 2012
@ Sackville Rotary Club
Tickets $1 each or 3 for $2
AGD NS Permit-004577-12


The Three Amigos on Stage - Cyril, Rollie & John
& Dancers on The Floor!!!!!!!!!! (Photo – courtesy of Karen Dubé)

AND to ALL who came, you made The Fever Reunion something absolutely delightful. It was a joy to see so many come to the dance and have a good, good time. We most sincerely say Thank You!!!!!
And of course it turned out to be the biggest fundraiser EveryChildCounts has ever had. More than three thousand dollars were raised to help this Child Help Organization. As you can easily understand there just is no adequate way to say Thank you for all this support. However, we most humbly offer our appreciation and salute all the gracious and generous hearts who made this possible. To all who came and shared the evening and made this REUNION a most joyous occasion and for all your marvellous support to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we wish you abundant Blessings!!!!!

Sept: 10 - A big salute of T-H-A-N-K-S to Guy & Maisie Herritt, Jeff & Myra Herritt, Shirley Gale, Tom LeBlanc, Lin Slade, Archie & Beth Kenny, Don & Beth Decker, Stan McLellan, Rollie & Jeannie Herritt, Madonna Cooze and Ben Fudge for already being SEPTEMBER Contributors to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Because of the gracious and generous support of many this Child Help Organization touches the lives of more and more children in a helpful way. A Beautiful and Rewarding Way to start September. We encourage you to give us a call (902-229-3111) and ask about what we do and we would so appreciate your support, no matter how little. And remember: Every Penny Fundraised goes directly to help a child in need. Be in touch!!!!!!

August 20: In a child there is everything there can be. In a simple bubble there may be wonder, awe, delight and sheer joy. EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters tries to offer a child in need a bubble of hope!!!!
August 20: A card arrived today and it said "Thank you". For a moment I thought you had borrowed my line, since I have the most enjoyable privilege of saying this so often to our many supporters. A gracious and generous donation had a note attached, "Thank you EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters for helping children in need". Lady Alexis, we enjoy receiving your appreciation and we are most grateful for your support. (T)his (H)elps (A)lot A(N)other (K)id (S)upported!!!!!!!!

August 16: Just sharing a joyous note with all the supporters of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. We first supported Roseberline, a young student in Haiti, when she was ready to go to Grade Seven in September 2009. This EveryStudentMatters Organization provided the funds necessary to offer that opportunity. And we did it again for Grade Eight and this past year for Grade Nine. We are delighted to say she has done well each year and this September will be ready to begin Grade 10. We are so proud Roseberline of your achievements and we wish you every success this coming school year. Thank you, Thank you for studying diligently and being such a determined student to achieve well. And a most sincere thank you for ALL who partner with us to help Roseberline with this educational opportunity. In the coming days we wish to share 23 more success stories during the past year because someone - YOU, our supporters/partners - cared enough to help make this happen. Congratulations Roseberline and Blessings to ALL who have supported you. Today I read a notable quote and I wish to share it with all who share with us. This is so fitting for you.

“The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose.”

~ Gandhi

August 04:
"We often say we don't know what a new day will bring.
And too, nor do we know the song another's heart may sing".

...Well, imagine when a new day brings a delightful surprise of such joyous proportions. Just recently, awesomely young Lady Alyssa (don't tell anyone I said, but she hasn't yet celebrated her tenth birthday) and a few of her young friends, together with Mom Jenn and Steve were determined to extend their supporting energies to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. They fundraised at a Folk Festival held recently in Yellowknife, NT and have now offered several hundred dollars of support to this Child Help Organization.
... Lady Alyssa and noted friends, I celebrate a birthday at this time of year and WOWSERS what a most wonderful birthday gift this is - to know we can help two more children in Haiti for an entire year because of what you have begun in your h-e-a-r-t!!!!.
...These funds will help provide formal schooling for twenty-two students we are helping there from September 2012 to June 2013, as well as a cooked meal during every school day. You truly are a partner of goodwill amd awesomely a partner sharing resources that enable/empower young children in need with nutritional and educational opportunities.
...We acknowledge you, we welcome you, we salute you, we celebrate you as a PARTNER in ECC...ESM. May your shining star teach us much and may your efforts be an aura of inspiration to us all.

"Today, (Aug. 04) I just wanted to report on an exceptional birthday gift"

July 27:http://creative.ak.fbcdn.net/v565063/flyers/16/58/13354732941595639573_1_8122203e.jpg Here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters No Resume is Required to help us with our efforts to Help Children in Need. Want something to add to your summer in a rather exciting and rewarding way, then try on this. Just think if you share your energies with us and we could help a child go to school from September 2012-June 2013 as well as a cooked meal each day. There is still something to be said for feeling good because we have done something good. Check us out and we would love to hear from you. Give us a call just to say Hello!

July 25: The human heart speaks in many, many ways. To simply acknowledge another with a smile is a gift, to offer a helping hand can make an appreciable difference for someone else, and here at EveryChild, two wonderful people, currently from Fort McMurray, graciously and generously, made our hearts jump with joy with their donation to help Children in Need. Wally and Roz, we salute you and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

July 21: Today an e-note came to this Child Help Organization. It is from a young lady in Yellowknife, NT and she proudly shares that she and a number of her friends are currently fundraising for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters at the Folk On The Rock Festival going on there this weekend. It is their wish too that together we help a number of young children in Haiti go to school in September 2012. This is a true case of Children who care and are willing to help Children in Need. We truly salute you, Lady Alyssa and your friends and we thank you for all you are doing for this Child Help Organization. Here is a verse of a song I am writing for ECC...ESM
Every little smile, Every bit of laughter
Every single heartbeat, Every pitter-patter
For All of us now, And All who come after
May EveryChildCount...and EveryStudentMatter!!!!

We wish you every success with your fund raiser and Kudos to you, Lady Alysssa!

July 10: Earlier this year on March 25 (scroll down if you hadn't seen it) we were very excited to post a Tribute to Lady Emily for supporting us at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. The phone rings again this week (902-229-3111) and it is Lady "E" (or as we call her..Emily Exceptionale) with more awesome news!!! Not only did she have more recycles to donate, but gathered up their pennies, nickels, etc and 'weighed down' a plastic container for Children in need, to be attended to by us at EveryChild. We can't thank you enough for your kindness, your compassion, your generous manner, and to us your inspiring ways. We shall miss you as you leave the Atlantic region and continue your career in another part of Canada, but we wish you every success. Lady Emily has offered to promote EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters in Western Canada as she establishes herself there. She sure knows how to extend that smile on our faces, smiles and smiles of appreciation. And Sir Daniel, we equally offer you our sincere thanks, and to both of you every good wish. Blessings!!!!

July 08: Today the Child Help Organization EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is delighted to wish Happy Birthday to one of its Directors, Robert, currently living in Calgary, AB. He has been a Director for the past four years and we certainly wish to say thank you for all the assistance and supporting energies he continues to offer this NPO. All the Board of Directors and Administrative Team glady say, "Have a most wonderful day". Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!
July 01: A Happy Birthday to ALL who celebrate their birthday today and Wishing Everyone in this country Happy Canada Day!!!!! EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is a Canadian registered Child Help Organization and so enjoys this home base. We extend bundles of sincere thanks to all who are supporters of ECC...ESM and that is another M-A-R-V-Y reason to celebrate this wonderful country. We choose to share with others in need. Bravo Canada!!!!!!!!!

June 23: We wish to offer Birthday Greetings to one of the directors of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, Lady Jeannie Engram-H. She has been there right from the beginning days to assist this Child Help Organization and is still doing so today. We thank you, thank you for all your support and contributions and please enjoy, enjoy your special day!!!!!!!!

June 20: Further Donations to The Story of 91 Roses...
EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters wishes to thank most graciously a number of people who made a donation to this Child Help Association in honour of Lady Annie (who was 91 years young!).
...Rev. Ken and Helen Turner, Sackville, NS
...Rose and Ken Smith, Sackville, NS
...Shirley Willmott, Dartmouth, NS
...Albert Crookshank, Halifax, NS
...Gertrude Rose, Boston, MA (USA)
...Jean MacDonald, Halifax, NS
...Beulah Brine, Halifax, NS
...Richie, Lisa, Tyler & Joshua Herritt, Middle Sackville, NS
...Jeannie and Rollie Herritt, Sackville, NS
...Linda and David Simms, Dartmouth, NS
...Debbie Evans, Dartmouth, NS
...Reg and Jane Herritt, Sandyville, NL
...Perry and Charlyne McGee-Herritt, Halifax, NS
With these funds a special tribute to Annie will be inaugurated in September 2012 to help a young 6 year old to attend school in Haiti. Thanks to all who donated in her name to ECC...ESM, her legacy of caring, compassion and love will live on in our efforts to help a child with nutritional resources and an educational opportunity for a full year. She would be so proud to see us carry on what she had helped to do. We may choose to title this effort "Annie's (91) Roses".

June 19: Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Sackville and Area, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"Sackville and area residents have long been known for the generous giving of themselves and their time, and now there's a new service club in town with another group of local people eager to get involved.

Club secretary Ross Bartlett said "We're looking forward to making a difference in the local community and internationally."

A special dinner was held for the 25 new Rotarians on Jan. 21, who are all charter members of the new Rotary Club of Sackville and Area."

Today (June 19) Rollie Herritt was invited to share with Sackville Rotarians about the Child Help Organization called EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. As well as giving a brief overview of the development of the association, Rollie offered that this organization encourages the notion of partnering to help a child in need instead of simply asking 'for charity'. He also proposed to business people to consider adding to their business website a section "A Part Of Who We Are" indicating any partnering they are currently engaged in to help a child to realize more of their potential. Many, many thanks to all Rotarians for this opportunity to share about ECC...ESM.

June 17: At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we read recently "Every day is Father's Day" and we smilingly gave it "thumbs up". For a variety of reasons some of us get to enjoy our fathers everyday, some every other day or maybe much less often. Some Fathers get to share Fatherhood virtually everyday, some less often and some wishing it were otherwise. Wherever we may find ourselves along that spectrum, we wholeheartedly acknowledge ALL who contribute to FATHERHOOD. We wish you all a Happy Father's Day and Happy Father's Life Experiences. If you should be at a point in your life where you may have a little extra time to share, please check us out. We could surely use some of these well experienced giving and doing and caring skills. We are committed to helping children in need. FATHERS are experts in helping children. Check out our website. Surprise us. Give us a call just to say Hello!!!!!!

June 17: On June 2, a group of youth at St. Francis By The Lakes, Sackville, NS met and had a community car wash. Nearly a $100 of the proceeds were recently donated to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters to help in its ongoing mission of helping children in need. A child, a youth willing to use a Saturday morning to fundraise to help other children is PROOF POSITIVE that all is not wrong with the world. In fact we can so inspiringly learn from what children may so willingly teach us. Kudos, Thanks, Applause of Gratitude and Appreciation to ALL who participated in this car wash and donated to ECC...ESM. In September 2012 another child who otherwise most likely would not will be offered an opportunity to have a cooked meal each day and go to school for the next school year. How rewarding is that!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!

June 10: The Story of 91 Roses...
EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters wishes to thank most graciously a number of people who made a donation to this Child Help Association in honour of Lady Annie.
...Rev. Ken and Helen Turner, Sackville, NS
...Rose and Ken Smith, Sackville, NS
...Shirley Willmott, Dartmouth, NS
...Albert Crookshank, Halifax, NS
...Gertrude Rose, Boston, MA (USA)
...Jean MacDonald, Halifax, NS
...Beulah Brine, Halifax, NS
...Richie, Lisa, Tyler & Joshua Herritt, Middle Sackville, NS
...Jeannie and Rollie Herritt, Sackville, NS
With these funds a special tribute to Annie will be inaugurated in September 2012 to help a young 6 year old to attend school in Haiti. Thanks to all who donated in her name to ECC...ESM, her legacy of caring, compassion and love will live on in our efforts to help a child with nutritional resources and an educational opportunity for a full year. She would be so proud to see us carry on what she had helped to do. We may choose to title this effort "Annie's 91 Roses".

June 01: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s320x320/306254_10150843702722452_592852451_9563857_325014106_n.jpg
  • On Friday, June 1, 2012, EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, a Child Help Organization, so sadly said 'good-bye' to a most wonderful lady, my Mother-in-law, Annie Gaulton, a most ardent supporter right from its beginning several years ago. Just recently she sponsored her Great-Grandson, Tyler Herritt, who particpated in the Nova Scotia Bluenose Marathon, May 19, 2012, and raised nearly $250 for EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters.  And despite being nearly 92, she encouraged people at her senior’s residence to bring recycles to her so she could phone me to come pick them up to support EveryChildcounts…EveryStudentMatters. In a most unselfish way she loved deeply and cared with such compassion, and we shall honour her legacy to keep caring for others in need. Thank you Dear Lady, Thank you, Thank you. And we will miss you forever.


May 19: Today the Child Help Organization EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is delighted to wish Happy Birthday to one of its Directors, Lady Monique. We certainly wish to say thank you for all the assistance and supporting energies you offer this NPO. Have a most wonderful day. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!

May 13: Congratulations and Blessings to ALL MOTHERS, to ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MOTHERHOOD. At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we have learned and benefited so much from Mothers among others. At the very heart of this Child Help Organization you will find something that proudly echoes the mentorship of a MOTHER'S HEART. To ALL MOTHERS who have taught us so much that is good, who have shared with us that love can be and often is unconditional and immeasurable, and have faces smile, and dreams kept alive and often achieved, and offered us throughout the WORLD the likelihood - there is no better way, we have already found it in MOTHERS!!!!!! Happy Mothers Day to All. And EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters will spend the rest of its life saying Thank you for offering us this template of how to care for others. (I am hoping I have permission of all Fathers and others to post this)

May 10:

Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m 9 years old. This year I am running in the Youth Division of the BlueNose Marathon, Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday, May 18 – a distance of 4.2 kms. I am running on behalf of a Child Help Organization, EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters.  Since the age of 6 I have been an active supporter of this Association helping children in need. And EveryPennyRaised goes directly to help a child – 100% of all funds raised. I am hoping to find sponsors to help me make this run truly successful.


If you are willing to sponsor me, however little, I will appreciate. Please be in touch with the Director on the website or call Rollie at 902-229-3111.

http://rlv.zcache.com/sticker_retro_fun_yellow_smiley_happy_face_symbol-p217573791050084783envb3_400.jpgTyler... HALIFAX BLUENOSE MARATHON – 2012


May 03: Today we wish to salute The Taylor Family (Ernest and Bonnie) for supporting EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. In addition to being mega busy, being administrator of two FB sites, Religions and Newfoundland History Buffs, they took time to both acknowledge and donate to this child help organization. With these funds we will help a child in need to start (attend) school somewhere in the world in September 2012. Ernest introduced us to The Charter Of Compassion by Karen Armstrong, and now he and Bonnie have realized their compassion to offer a child access to an educational opportunity. There are those of us who refuse to conclude we can't make a difference, one child at a time, and you may hear us say 'It's a part of who I am". Kudos to The Taylors.

April 22: During the past few months during rehearsal for the St. Francis Church Dinner Theatre, I have been helping with a few sound chores. It has been delightful entertainment to sit behind the sound board and watch the director and cast perform their magic on stage. Last night, and a total surprise to me, it was announced that a donation would be made to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. This was pure joy to my ears, for it meant I would be able to let another child in need know that someone who has never met them cares enough to help. Yes there is magic on the stage and within the hearts of the St. Francis Dinner Theatre Group, part of that translates into a spirit of generosity and caring. As I watched how often you brought smiles to the faces of your audience, too, you will bring smiles to a child in need. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You not only act on stage, but you help set the stage so humanitarian actions may occur even thousands of kilometers away. No finer actions I say.

April 12: Seldom anymore are there just ordinary days at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Today Rose and Ken Smith of Sackville, NS, Canada, with a most gracious and generous donation, demonstrate just how much compassion there can be in the human heart. In our Easter Greetings we asked that we might reach beyond ourselves to offer a Blessing to Another. The Smith Family have made this an extraordinary day, and with their extraordinary kindness we hope to help a child in need to realize more of their potential. Thank you most sincerely, Rose and Ken for making this an extrordinary day at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters!!!!!!!

April 08:

H  B Easter.jpg

It is our privilege and with great joy to wish everyone a Blessed Easter!!
Each little gift of every supporter
Assists us to help a Child in Need
So many reasons for ECC...to say Thank you
Tis' the Season to rejoice in what’s Good
Easter reminds us of Beautiful Blessings
Reach beyond ourselves with a Blessing for Another!


Below you will find a picture of three of the 22 children in Haiti this CHILD HELP ORGANIZATION helps with an opportunity to go to school each day as well as receiving a cooked meal every day. They wish to send their most sincere HAPPY EASTER GREETINGS to EVERYONE and also to ALL who help provide these Blessings in their lives. They offer thanks in Creole, their native Haitian language…


I give you a great thank you for your help - m ba ou yon gran remèsiman pou èd ou.
Thank God - gras a Dye from Dernicka, Yvens and Woodmia

Dernicka Philistin Yvens Cadet Woodmia Pierre

Rollie.....April 08, 2012...rollie@everychildcounts.ca

March 29: Here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we have a commitment that EveryPenny fundraised goes directly to help a Child in need. I offer ALL of my pennies to support this Child Help Organization. If you are '"wondering"' what to do with your pennies and you would like to help a child, please call us at 902-229-3111 or visit our contact menu on this website. WE HELP Children even where pennies make a difference. Please be in touch.

March 25:
We wish you to meet Lady Emily. She has touched the hearts of all of us who volunteer at EveryChildCounts…EveryStudentMatters (A Child Help Organization, registered here in Nova Scotia, Canada). She chose to take some time to review our website, then phoned to inquire further, and decided to assist us in our efforts to help children in need. One way we fundraise is accepting donated refundables and taking them to a Recycle Depot. In addition to assisting us otherwise, Lady Emily phoned us at 902-229-3111 and offered the recycles she had. We are ever grateful to her for her continued support in this way and to a number of others who graciously donate their recylces. We are calling it The Lady Emily Initiative. It is as simple as picking up a phone and allowing us to pick up recycles that provide us with a refund... of which EveryPenny collected goes directly to help a child. If this is something you might consider doing to enable us to help more children we would gladly receive your call. Lady Emily, we salute you for all your help to this Child Charitable Association. Kudos to a caring and compassionate heart!!!!!!!!!!!

March 24: As a representative of a Child/Youth Help Organization, EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, I was recently informed by a group of Youth in Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, that they plan to put on a 'fashion show' in the near future, invite guests, and all the proceeds generated will be offered to support the efforts of ECC...ESM. Just as Karen Armstrong shared about the Charter For Compassion in a public presentation at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, on March 22, 2012, so too are these young people 'walking the walk' so to speak to demonstrate their compassion for, their willingness to help, others in need. Bravo to those young persons who are committed to share with compassion their resources to help others in need. We thank you, thank you, thank you. EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters invites you (the reader) to join us in a mini-version of Charter For Compassion. We are dubbing it CFC 2012. Please ask us about it!!!!!!! Yes, we are excited about CFC 2012. Please help us make it a success...

March 17: EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters wishes to offer our most sincere gratitude to all who attended a Special Breakfast Event at Knox United Church, Sackville Dr., Sackville, NS on Saturday Morning (when St. Patrick made a 'visit' as well). Jeannie and I (representing ECC...ESM) experienced the gracious hospitality of all in attendance as we shared about this Child Help Organization. A Great Spirit of fellowship and compassion was most in evidence and the Blessings were many as we shared in Fellowship and Praise. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone for sharing these moments and EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is ever so grateful. Blessings to All.

March 11: Often in the name of bringing hope to others, here at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we reach out to a number of people and ever so humbly ask if they might consider helping us to help a child in need. So, so often we know the blessings as offered by others. Sometimes there is someone we have not asked if we can count on them and yet right there in front of you is a face that says "count me in". Lin Slade you truly are a "CMI" person; Shirley Gale, you are in our records as a remarkable CMI supporter; Tom LeBlanc, you Sir are so very much a CMI person for ECC...ESM. EveryChildCounts on someone to help them in their growing years. They truly have found that someone in each of you. During the past week you have so shown why we salute you as special, special CMI people.

March 10: Loving You
AtlanticStarMusic has donated a number of CDs of folk, country, Maritime, AtlanticCanadian Music to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. You can view them on www.atlanticstarmusic.ca Today we wish to salute Jean and Gerard Lawlor of Halifax, NS for contributing to ECC...ESM by purchasing several of these CDs. We salute these two super people for their support. It was a most delightful chat as I discovered a number of the many helpful things they do. We salute you for reaching out to others, and now for offering support to ECC...ESM we extend a BIG, BIG THANK YOU!!!!!! Congrats to you, Jean and Gerard.

March 09: Today, Friday, Charlie Cox, President of the Student Council of John Watkins School, Hermitage, NL, and Administrative Team Member of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters, with the help of Maisie and Guy Herritt, Roxanne and Rick Forsey, Jane and Reg Herritt, Gladys Simms and the Cox Family had a bake sale to fundraise for this Child Charitable Organization. To all who contributed bake sale items and all who bought them, we say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Here is P-R-O-O-F that there is kindness, there is caring and there is compassion in the hearts of others to help children in need. And our commitment is Every Penny Raised goes directly to help children. With your support we are able to 'fly with more powerful wings' and extend our outreach. BRAVO ALL!!!!!

March 08:Happy International Women's Day. I believe strongly, and hope even more, that women will continue to advance the cause of gender equity and social dignity. For everyone (women and men) who help generate this momentum, even at times if it may seem that we were to pause, I hope we will n-e-v-e-r stop. I salute all who offer positive energies to International Women's Day!!!!!!!!! And Greetings from EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters www.everychildcounts.ca

March 05: Patricia Tse EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters is delighted to wish Ms. Tse, Educator with HRSB (NS), supporter of ECC...ESM, a person of radiance extraordinaire, a very Happy Birthday. We wish you a Marvy, Marvy Birthday and again we honour you as a supporting member of EveryChildCounts.
Also today, we send out bundles of Birthday Wishes to another supporter of this Child Help Organization...Travis Skinner of Gander, NL. Again we thank you, Travis big time and your wife Carla and son Logan, for being supporting members of ECC...ESM. With your help we get to help more children in need. Have a GREAT DAY Birthday Folks!!!!!!

March 01-04: Already in March we offer a big thank you to Guy & Maisie Herritt, Jeff & Myra Herritt, Pat & Sarah Mather, Rollie & Jeannie Herritt, Tyler & Josh Herritt, Lady Lin Slade, Mary McKeegan, Richard & Catherine Rudback for being among our March supporters. With you we are so much more...more in our energy field, more in our resources, more in our efforts, more in extending our horizons, more in our outreach.Our commitment is to honour the dignity of a child in need by offering nutrition and an opportunity to go to school/to access an education. Bravo to our Early March Supporters.

Feb 12:
Today was just a marvellous day for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. 24 young persons (ages 5-14) of a Junior Auxiliary Group at St. Francis By The Lakes Anglican Church (Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada) held a Valentine's Tea for those attending today's service. In the hall downstairs we were served all kinds of brunch goodies and what a delight to witness all these JAs in action. Patrons made Goodwill Offerings, all of which the JA Group donated to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. What a beautiful act of caring and we beamingly say KUDOS to all the JAs and their leaders as well as to all who particpated in this wonderful deed of sharing. Together we help support 22 students in Haiti attend school and enjoy a cooked meal every day. This is a story of CHILDREN caring for CHILDREN. How MEGA responsible is this. YEA!!!!!

Jan 19: Hats off to Rev. Faye Wheatley for sharing with EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. We thank you for supporting this Child Help Organization as we busy ourselves helping children in need. If this year we are hoping for 2012 reasons to say thank you, then you are most certainly already one of them.

Jan. 14: ECC...ESM wishes to offer a big, big Thank you to Knox United Church Fellowship Group for inviting Rollie Herritt to have breakfast with them today and share about this Child Help Organization.We so salute all the supporting things they do to help others and since we both share that in common we are indeed partners in a common ministry - that we are willing and determined to engage in outreach missions internationally, regionally and within our own community. Our spirit of attempting to add to the 'common good' allows us to partner in good will. Again a most sincere thank you for your fellowship, hospitality and sharing an enjoyable meal. Blessings ALL.

Jan. 13:
is delighted to say Thank You to The Farrell Sisters of Antigonish, Nova Scotia for several years in a row offering support to this Child Help Organization.Again this year you have allowed the smile in your heart to extend to a donation to EveryChild and we so graciously acknowledge you and our sincere thanks. We know that a child will smile more because of you. (We learn from every little smile and every bit of laughter that EveryChildCounts and EveryStudentMatters)

Jan. 12: Today (Thursday), Rollie as an associate of ECC...ESM enjoys meeting with a young group of High School Students at Prince Andrew High School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia as they discuss their next fundraising activity for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. They are one truly impressive, dynamic and engaging group of young people. They meet, they discuss, they plan, they do. They are determined to live a life that is bigger than themselves. In particular, just as they are in the 'thick' of academic success, they are willing to share a few moments every week and from these efforts offer a child they have never met a reasonable chance to access an educational opportunity. Our students are becoming 'leaders' at an earlier and earlier age. They are part of an ever larger growing group of students who are willing and want to be a part of the change they wish to see in their world and this is very evident at Prince Andrew. Kudos to all who were at the meeting today and a big Thank You to Ms. MacLeod for her advice and assistance in helping us advance our goals. More exciting things to share soon. YES!!!!!

Jan. 1: GREETINGS EVERYONE...Wishing You All A Happy New Year for 2012. Yes, we so graciously thank EVERY PERSON who supported EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters in 2011. It has been another year of 'more than a handful of people' choosing to make a difference in some child's world. Because of those who decided to share some of their resources this Child Help Organization was able to ensure 22 children in Haiti and 2 in Kenya were offered another entire year of schooling. They have been funded with both educational opportunities and meals right up to June 2012. Then we hope to be in a position to help these 24 young persons to climb further up their educational ladder. In addition in 2011, we sent funds to The Human Coalition of Canada and The World Food Programme to help children in Kenya-Somalia because of the acute famine conditions there. We can't say Thank You enough to all who helped us in 2011, but we will keep expressing our gratitude on behalf of the children we assist with your help. To any reader who may wish to be a part of this 'caring energy' called EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we would so appreciate if you would be in touch with us. Just think, if EVERYONE who read this decided to find a way to raise just $20.12 for ECC...ESM, then we would help even more children in need. That is our passion to help children and we are so eager to rev up our energies for the New Year. So 2012 we're giving you heads up here, we are challenging ourselves to help make a child's world a little more, and that our resources extend to more children in need. Every child deserves a reasonable chance. YOU and I may be the ones to help make that reasonable chance be there. Blessings to all who help. Encouraging you to consider ECC..ESM this year.


December 25: Just wish to share something so AWESOME. Several family members and friends decided to offer ECC...ESM a 'Christmas gift' in the form of a financial donation. A number of cheques and cash came in amounting to several hundred dollars to help us begin 2012. These are Christmas Gifts guided by the Christmas Spirit and we at ECC...ESM are so entrusted with the responsibility of 'every penny donated will go directly to help a child in need". You know who you are who did this and we are ever grateful.

December 19: Mother's Union of St. Francis By The Lakes Church, First Lake Dr. Sackville, Nova Scotia decided to 'tap into' the beauty of Christmas and offer a blessing to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters by making a donation of $180 to this CHILD HELP ORGANIZATION. The Mother's Union members could have so used these funds for Christmas Gifts among themselves. Instead they so unselfishly chose to support ECC...ESM. They know the gift of giving to help others and may their hearts be rewarded with the 'joy' of giving. Thank you, Thank you to Elaine B, Joan, Shirley K, Elaine L, Dawn, Bev, Rose, Sarah S, Mona and Ann.

December 04: There is every good reason to express our most sincere thanks to Lady Lin Slade for supporting EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. With her contributions we are able to assist more children in need. You truly are a part of the 'wind in our sails' Lin, and we are ever appreciative of your support. YES!!

December 03:
A business person calls today and informs us they had their staff party last night and that he wished to donate all the recycles to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters Child Help Organization. That was just delightful music to our ears. Yes! Yes! Yes! A short while later he arrives with them. I take them to the recycle depot for a refund for ECC..ESM. What a terrific idea and... we can't thank him enough. To our readers - are you having a staff party soon, might you consider us for the recycles. We would come to pick them up. To our younger readers, maybe Mom or Dad, older bro or sister may be having a staff party. Perhaps you might think of us and suggest to them how grateful we would be to receive their recycles. Please check out our website and see what we are doing. Greetings Everyone. Be in touch 229-3111

Dec 01: Calvin Parsons, Educator in the NL school system and formerly from Hermitage, NL, dropped by John Watkins Academy today and in addition to greeting students and staff, acknowledged EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters and offered a donation to support it. Charlie Cox, administration member of ECC...ESM was delighted with this generous gesture and certainly along with all of us volunteering with this Child Help Organization, wish to say Thank you, indeed, Calvin, Mr. Guitar Man.
November 22: Today I get to meet Lila Pavey for lunch. She is currently with Stepping Stones International working with youth in Botswana, Africa. For a few days she is visiting Nova Scotia, and she is ever gracious to allow me a few moments of her busy schedule. She is so willing and committed to offering a part of her young life to helping others and is an inspiration to any of us who knows what it is to give from the heart. This pic shows her in her Africa locale soaking up the ambience of this wonderful continent. Kudos to you Lady Lila for all your stellar humanitarian efforts. YES!!!!! (You can learn more about Lila at www.steppingstonesinternational.com)

Students and Staff at Clayton Park School, (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) collected Toonies and Quarters in September 2011to support ECC...ESM in helping Famine Stricken Students in Somalia-Kenya. We are ever so grateful!!!!!

Students and Staff at Ellenvale, (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) collected Toonies and Quarters in Septmber 2011to help ECC...ESM assist Famine Stricken Students in Somalia-Kenya. Our total thanks and appreciation!!!!!

Students and staff members at Lockeport Elementary School Nova Scotia, Canada - all September 2011 supporters of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters!!!!!!! We are so grateful..YEA!!!!!

Standing lt to rt: Samantha Dash, Connor Nickerson, Nicholas Wolfe, Ethan Wolfe, Matthew Holden, Marissa Dash

Front lt to rt: Mr. Ruth Morrison, Grace Forward, Amber Cotter, Linden Martin, Mrs. Janice Holden

http://www.pch.gc.ca/DAMAssetPub/DAM-jrsImp-impDys/STAGING/images-images/CC-homepage_1292266060204_eng.jpgOCTOBER NOTES:Getting ready to share with everyone about the September Somalia-Kenya Famine Relief Fundraising Initiative. In particular we have several schools to thank - Big Time! John Watkins Academy, Ellenvale, Clayton Park, and Lockeport Elementary. And a number of individuals who graciously shared in this special effort (See Supporters). During this period we have been most fortunate with the help of many to now send $1400 to East Africa to help children in tremendous need. We are a T(WE)AM (Together We Achieve More)

SEPTEMBER 01-30: During these 30 days ALL our energies at EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters are being directed to fundraising for children in Somalia-Kenya. We are dedicated and determined to making extensive efforts of kindly encouraging many, many Atlantic Canadians to support our Child Help Organization (based here in Atlantic Canada) to truly make a mark in helping children in Somalia-Kenya in their time of almost unimaginable need. Please check this website to download posters and brochures to help engage all of us.[Please go to Ways To Help Menu to obtain copies]. We could call our efforts, our contributions ATLANTIC-AID!!!!! Let us show our great humanitarian energies. Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

SEPTEMBER 24 - 2011:
Today EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters participated in a Food Drive effort to help secure food supplies for a number of families. Despite the little attempts at rain to slow our pace or at least make us look less presentable at someone's door, the hearts of people to share was simply wonderful. Grocery bag, after grocery bag, after grocery bag, after grocery bag was donated and collected to be administered by a local Metro Food Bank. EveryChildCounts was very pleased to offer 'footpower' to go 'door to door'. Thank you everyone who gave so children and parents who are in need of these resources may now continue to do so because of generous hearts. Another way for ECC...ESM to be there to help children.

Monday Sept. 19: Great News!! for some children in Somalia-Kenya. Here is a pic of Charlie Cox, a Grade 10 student, receiving a cheque from Principal John Skinner as a result of participating in the Quartoonie Challenge. Thank you Mr.Skinner, Thank you Charlie, and all students and staff at John Watkins Academy for this gracious fundraising donation to EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. (Photo: Wesley Harris Credit) Thank you, Wesley!

Wednesday Sept 07, 2011: Charlie Cox shares today that his school, John Watkins Academy, is going to support ECC...ESM in the Quartoonie Challenge. Yea! Good News!!! We sincerely encourage other schools to make a matching effort. All for the children of Somalia-Kenya.

Friday August 26, 2011: News that we are so celebrating - and this is from Charlie himself - "Yes folks, I am now a member of the A-Team of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters!!!"

Thursday August 25, 2011: Today, in consultation with Charlie Cox, discussing how we might do a fundraising effort in Hermitage-Sandyville-Seal Cove, NL during the next week to help children in Kenya-Somalia in such MEGA need. Charlie, it is a totally delightful privilege to be a partner to your marvellous humanitarian efforts, and we would so welcome you to the Administrative Team (A-Team) of EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Folks, this young man is just beginning High School, and what a legacy of good will and noted
deeds he has already shown us.


Wednesday August 17, 2011:

EveryChildCounts EveryStudentMatters Today Aug 17, Lady Sage Marshall dropped by to help EveryChildCounts...EveryStuden tMatters fundraise with Yard Goods Misc Donate-a-thon. She brought a number of items to put in our General Pool of "Goodies". You are truly a young person with a big heart. Thank you for your many helpful efforts this summer. Together we are accomplishing more for Children in Need. Right now we are fundraising for Children in Somalia-Kenya. Kudos to you Lady Sage.

Monday August 15, 2011: EveryChild a Student...EveryStudentMatters wish to send out a whole week of Greetings and Thank you e-notes to Sam Wareing, Rachael Cameron, Col. Mike Brownlow, Patrick Mather, Simon Wilkin, Stephanie-Bruce-Ethan & Calen Abriel, Donna Aucoin, Mike Lewis, Tim Murphy, Charlyne & Perry Herritt, Shirley Gale, Tom LeBlanc, Shirley & Sinclair Bannerman, Karen Huxter (in Haiti), Lila Pavey (in Botswana), Gertruce (Rudie) Rose (in Boston), Ryan & Jamie Spruin, and so, so many more to be acknowledged this week for sharing beautiful energies.
S H A R I N G .. E N E R G I E S
......... H E L P I N G ECC...ESM G R O W!!!!!!!!!!!
Also saluting big time: Guy & Maisie Herritt, Don & Beth Decker, Jeff, Myra, Alicia & Hayley Herritt, Joan Helpard, Lin Slade, Jon, Tina, Donavan, Brianna & Jaden Cyr, Emily MacTavish,
Saturday, August 06, 2011: So many reasons to say Thank you to so many folks who have been helping us with Donations at the Yard Goods Miscellanous we are offering at 12 Nappan Dr, Sackville, NS. A special Hello and Thanks to Debbie and Steve for all that they graciously shared with us!!!!!
Monday, August 01, 2011: Happy Civic Holiday Everyone!!!!!!
Ti Luc and Karen at the Cookout Thursday July 28, 2011:Today is another marvellously special day. I get to share a little time with Lady Karen Huxter of HATS-Haiti. Taking her to the airport as she is enroute to Sprindale, NL. If you want to know about inspiration don't bother going to Webster, just learn about Karen who has given the last fifteen years of her life to helping children in need in Haiti. At EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters we support 21(nearly 10%) of the students who go to Karen's school and we are doing so again for another full year of school starting in September. We thank her for this occasion to share with us and wish her every success and safety on the rest of her journey in Atlantic Canada. You can read Karen's blog by visiting www.hatshaiti.org/ Donate-a-thon is continuing today at 12 Nappan and we would love to see you drop by. There is so much to chat about. Wishing everyone a super day.
Monday, July 25, 2011:
During the past few days the Administration Team (I call them the A-Team) have set up things to offer the occasion for a Donate-a-thon for EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. We have been delighted to meet so many people whose hearts have just reached out and helped tremendously. People have been most gracious, hospitable and generous in their donations. Many have shared their involvement otherwise in helping children in need and they are inspiring stories. We are ever grateful to All who stopped and shared with us and wish to say a Biggest Thank you. Some have been telling others and that has meant more people are dropping by. Some are so gracious to add to the various items for which others may make a donation. Again, how thoughtful and helpful we are finding people toEveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. Some have dropped off refundable recycles for us to take to the Recycle Depot to help with our fundraising efforts. We shall keep the Donate-a-thon operating this week weather permitting. If it is convenient, please pop by. There just may be a little treasure waiting for you. Cheers to All and Blessings.
Thursday, July 21, 2011: As an educator in the public schools of NS, I felt privileged to share the classroom with a young Grade 9 student, David Jones. Today we met and shared lunch. He is currently working on a degree at one of Metro's Universities. Just as it was then, equally today I felt privileged to share in the presence of this remarkable young man. We met and reminisced a little and then we chatted about EveryChildCounts...EveryStudentMatters. David was both gracious and generous as a supporter of ECC...ESM. When a young person becomes engaged in helping children in need, we are witness to a sense of humanity with great promise for the future, for our future. Kudos big time to you Sir David.

Please click on What's New (and also on FB) to find out about exciting possibilities in September 2011!!!

ECC...ESM has been b-u-s-y helping in Haiti!!! Here are 4 of the young people for whom we pay school costs and you can see 19 more photos posted below. Click Here to view more students. YES!!

EVERY CHILD COUNTS on someone to help them in their growing years.
EVERY STUDENT MATTERS to caring parents.
EVERY STUDENT MATTERS to caring and determined teachers.

THIS website is dedicated to the acknowledgement of every child, to the miracle of what they already are and the promise of what may be their's to become. As a child knowingly or unknowingly we count on someone, often many someones, to help us in our growing years. Would that we imagine Les enfants sans frontiérs.

Also in equal proportions this website is dedicated to the proposal that every student matters. It has been my experience as an educator that no one loves students more than parents do. And too, I hope parents have learned that every student matters to caring and determined teachers.

I salute every child and Bravo for every student!!!!

I have spent my 'revenue generating efforts' (what some call the work world) almost entirely with children, with students. These past 35 years in the classroom have been a total privilege offered this one human being.

To honour all the young people with whom I have shared classroom space, and as I look back in gratitude, I eagerly look forward 'indebted' to that gratitude.

Funds are being generated through my efforts and many others to assist children / students here in Canada and globally in equal approaches. All those who give are acknowledged on this web site, and information on every project is provided.

If you wish to contribute to this fundation where every penny donated goes directly to a particular need of a child / student, for every child counts and every student matters, then please, your generosity will be immensely appreciated.

I have been offered the privilege - at the very least a delightful challenge - to 'work' (oops, I mean share) with several thousand young people over the years. This website gives a 'face' to efforts honouring all these youth by paying forward to those who now count on others or who are now finding their beginning footsteps in the corridors of learning as well as those who ask but only the opportunity to attend school.

Thank you students of Ellenvale and Bicentennial (in HRSB) from 1972-2005, and students in a host of schools in HRM since then.

If tomorrow offers us the occasion to remember, today offers us an opportunity to begin that memory - but a memory of helping a child, a student, has first to be an act of doing. With apologies to the renowned literary 'giant`, my favourite half-Shakespearean quote is `to be and to do`, or as my students so patiently taught me, to do is to be, and so again with total thanks to them, with all of their generous doing, I became more than I might have dreamed.

May it first be in our hearts that Every Child Counts and Every Student Matters, and in our efforts may we indulge ourselves to a lifetime of heartwarming rewards.

Sincerely ,
Rollie Herritt

Kinderson Excellent

Louina Claude


Niphelie Philostene

    Roseberline Exilus

       Jean Marc Bazil

Paysinguere Exume

Dieukaeff Exila

Guy Frantz Montinat

Gaiver Ruls Dutreuil

Tarichael Hilaire

Yvens Cadet

Yverson Sylvestre

Dreuline Derilus

Wifderline Gede

Christverson Sylvestre

Dernika Philisten

Fiadjo Damier

Carl Henry Chalumeau


                   Mazera Nduria                                             Aroa Kiribayi

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